Nyiramongi Is Back – Here She Is Listening To “I Will Kill You” Speech By Kagame

Madam Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame is back in the public domain – after mysteriously disappearing from the public. Here she is listening to her husband’s speech made to university students on September 11, 2016. Seated next to her in the minister for youth and ICT.

Why is Nyiramongi and the minister looking so gloomy? It is the content of President Paul Kagame speech.

In the speech, Kagame said: “those noise-makers you hear all the time, those people who want to mess with us and undermine what we have built. I will kill you. I am not one of those people who are shy about killing. Not me. I will finish you.”

Kagame went on: “Those who make noise. I let them do so. But should they cross a line in the sand, you won’t know what hit you.”

Kagame then attacked the West: “Even those arrogant Western countries that used to order us around. They are now in a mess and realize they cannot address their own challenges without us. They need us now.”

Stay tuned….

David Himbara