Officials Involved In Rukarara Mismanagement Cleared By The Parliament

Officials who were earlier implicated over the mismanagement of the Rukarara Hydropower project and Mutobo Water Plant Project have been cleared of any wrong doing.

This was revealed by the Public account committee that presented to parliament a full report of its own investigations into the project.
An earlier report had implicated 11 government officials including the finance minister of involvement in the mismanagement of the project’s funds.

But Government had claimed that report by the adhoc committee led by Evode Kalima set up to investigate allegations of fraud in the project was biased.
The Public accounts committee chaired by Juvenal Nkusi was then asked by parliament to re-investigate.

“We discovered that Adhoc committee was unprofessional in their investigations and all the supporting documents of the project earlier said to be missing were in place” Juvenal Nkusi, PAC chairperson revealed.
It was estimated that Rukarara Hydropower project was to cost government of Rwanda over 16 million US Dollars.
But due to the purported mismanagement and delays to honor the signed contract government paid over 26 million US Dollars while the 9.9 megawatts of energy expected from the plant was not realized.
But the latest findings by the public accounts committee indicate that the current power output at Rukarara is sufficient and meets expectations.

The public accounts committee has now suggested that the parliamentary Disciplinary Committee to summon all former ad Hoc members and take measures against them for having provided wrong information.