One Week When King Paul Conquered America. But Is That The Only Reason He Is Smiling?

The last week of February 2016 between 23th and 29th will be remembered in the legacy of King Paul. He conquered America.

Into Houston he first landed, taking the stage with American oil multinationals. Here King Paul wore the African hat, explaining the continent’s energy needs.

King Paul moved northwards, landing in Boston.

# First, he became professor of macroeconomics at Harvard Business School.

# Second, he became professor of political science at Harvard Kennedy School.

# Third, he attended a business dinner.

# Fourth, he met his subjects at meet the King.

But are these the only reasons King Paul Is smiling?

Unknown to most people, King Paul is smiling for another reason. He is minting money for his Crystal Ventures Ltd. King Paul travels in the executive jet he charters from his Crystal Ventures Aviation. Charting an executive jet costs no less than US$6,000 an hour.

Think of how much money King Paul has made from his trips from January to February 2016.

# He went to Abu Dhabi.
# He went to Dubai.
# He went to Davos.
# He went to Addis Ababa.
# He went to Toronto.
# He went to Houston.
# He went to Boston.

How much cash do you reckon King Paul has made from these trips? No wonder the King is smiling – He is smiling all the way to the bank.

Dr David Himbara