Open letter :Call to all Students and Teachers to oppose the visit President Kagame to the Oxford University on May 18, 2013

Dear Students and Teachers at University of Oxford,

Dear Students members of the Oxford Business Network for Africa,

It is with sadness that our organizations the Alliance of Rwandans for Revolution and Democratic Change (ISANGANO-ARRDC) and the Democratic Union for Federalism in Rwanda (UDFR-Ihamye), two political parties formed by the New Generation of politicians and activists for democracy in Rwanda, have learnt that Oxford University, one of the leading universities in the World has invited the current President of Rwanda Mr Kagame to address the audience at the university of Oxford and be awarded with the  Distinction of Honor for African Growth on  May 18, 2013. Being aware of that, we write you this open letter to request you to oppose Kagame entering your school.

Dear Students and Teachers,

TIME HAS COME for British and Americans to know that Kagame is in fact dangerous to the American and British interests in the Great Lakes Region!

For two decades, Kagame and his tiny clique of RFP have been able to manipulate the People from Western/developed countries.  Kagame’s lies are beyond all facts of imagination at the extent of hiring well recognized West academicians and journalists to cover-up Kagame and RPF crimes and to propagate big lies on foreign investments in Rwanda.

Unfortunately, many People from Western countries do not accept that an African can manipulate them, but the case of General Kagame and his RPF is special as they have managed to do so. One of the obvious proofs is that some People from Western countries are doing a dirty job as evil advisers to the dictator Gen Kagame. The British and the Americans have to admit that they are being manipulated by Kagame and his tiny clique of RPF. Although it may look paradoxal, the Kagame who manipulate those people from Western countries to help him cover his crimes is the same Kagame with whom they discuss business deals in the DR-Congo. In other terms, many influential People from Western countries with high interests in Africa have preferred to close their eyes and ears as long as their corporations get Coltan and other precious minerals tainted with the blood of innocent Congolese people. What a shame!

In modern society, economic progress and democracy are twin inseparable concepts. However, for Gen Kagame, the concept of democracy is the worst thing that has no place in Rwanda. Several impartial organizations such as Human Right Watch, Amnesty International have been incessantly reporting on the fact that the political space has been closed to the opposition leaders. His Government has developed a dangerous strategy to eliminate all political opponents irrespective of their ethnicity backgrounds (Tutsi or Hutu). Any Hutu with opposing political opinions is considered as “genocidaire” while all Tutsi who have recently fled the country due to oppression and death threats, especially those who have served in Kagame’s government, are easily charged of corruption. The RPF clique has installed a military dictatorship that has established a climate of fear. Threats, intimidation, torture, persecution, and killing are used by Kagame’s secret security services to eliminate any journalists and any other person with political opinions opposing those of the RPF. Given so many documented instances of the suppression of democracy and power sharing in Rwanda, even the so-called economic progress of Kagame is useless.

Contrary to what a number of Kagame fans make Westerners believe that Gen Kagame should be referred to as a model or an enabler for Africa’s socioeconomic transformation, he should in fact be remembered as a killer without borders. Indeed, he is a man who should be arrested and transferred to the International Criminal Court. Although Gen Kagame is backed by some influential persons in the UK, US, Belgium, Israel, Canada, etc., there is huge evidence of numerous cases of violation of international laws and commission of massive war crimes and genocide against both Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda as well as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. No doubt, if Kagame’s time to appear in front of a competent international court, those People from Western/developed countries backing Kagame’s crimes will have to be charged of complicity in acts of terrorism, wars of aggression, crimes against humanity and genocidal campaigns.

All said, it is high time People from Western/developed countries should TURN the page and open their eyes to the crimes being perpetrated in the Great Lakes Region of Africa in favour of the interests of a small group of Rwandans and SOME nationals of powerful countries.

We pledge to anyone who espouses the principles of democracy and the universal human rights to contribute to all efforts aimed at stabilizing the Great Lakes Region to allow the inhabitants enjoy their peace and human rights. The New Generation of Rwandan politicians are dedicated to that aim and are able to reach it provided moral and material support from all of you with a great love of peace, justice and democracy.

Let there be strong and sustainable political, democratic and economic changes in Rwanda and in the Region!

Dear Students and Teachers,

We humbly request all Oxford University community and in particular the members of association ‘Oxford Business Network for Africa’ cancel any engagement with Gen Kagame and his RPF. The members of ISANGANO-ARRDC and UDFR-Ihamye wish to express their gratitude for your assistance of protection of your school’s reputation by stopping Kagame entering the Oxford University.

Jean Marie V. MINANI


Contacts: [email protected], , Tel:00491746296681


Chairman UDFR-Ihamye

Contacts UDFR-Ihamye: [email protected] , Tel:0033760564949



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