Kagame presenting his candidacy papers at the National Electoral Commission, June 22, 2017

Dear Mr. Paul Kagame HE President of Rwanda,

I am a Rwandan citizen like all other Rwandan citizens that you have taken into hostage and who are living under perpetual terror, fear, intimidations and threats like prisoners or slaves in their own land because of your terrorism.

I am one of the survivors of the Rwandan genocide, for which you have been very well the mastermind, the author and which you have put it into execution yourself as you wanted it so much to happen in Rwanda so that you could use it to grab power in Rwanda by means of bullets and guns and now you are unfortunately being lauded and praised like a hero who has been the savior of Rwanda, a country which you yourself destroyed a lot since you decided to launch and to invade Rwanda 0n 01. 10. 1990.

Mr. President, kindly allow me first of all to congratulate you for your landslide victory during presidential elections on 04. 08. 2017 where you scored 99% of the total votes during 2017 Rwanda presidential elections. These elections results continue showing the uniqueness of Rwandan democracy which you have chosen to follow and to impose on us perpetually until you die. However, Mr. President, It was expected that you will “win” with 100% as you had wished and proclaimed it before. Now Mr. President, kindly Check below what your former economic advisor Dr. Himbara David had predicted for you during the so called elections, since he also knows you very well and he knows all your intentions: Dr. David Himbara writes: “By how much percentage will Kagame Paul “win” the August 2017 elections?

“The Kagames just voted today in their sham elections. So by how much percentage will Kagame “win “this time?” Himbara goes on and gives 4 options:

Option 1: He will “win” by 99, 9 % to show the world that he is loved.
Option 2: He will “win” by 98% to match the percentage with which he “won “the referendum.
Option 3: He will “win” by 93% to match his 2010 “win”
Option 4: He will “win” by 90% to show the world that there was a genuine competition in the August 2017 elections”

But myself I had wanted you to “win” the August 2017 elections with 105% so that you can show to the whole world how and that we Rwandan people love you so much that we can’t vote for another candidate in Rwanda as long you are still alive. Very laughing matter indeed!

Mr. President, you are still very lucky since you are still backed and supported by a Lion which helped you and ended up imposing you on us since over more than 24 years now and you are saying that you are still ready to go on by fire, by force forever, until you die. Mr. President, you have convinced the whole world that all Rwandans love you so much such that they are the ones who have “forced” you to continue suffocating and killing them forever and endlessly as their king and absolute monarch in a royal dynasty now, but at the same time I still wonder about your fears when you are among them, those who you say they love you. Mr. President if I may ask you, why during all your shows as political rallies you were always under heavy armed presidential guards and in bullets proof coats? What are you afraid of Mr. President, when you are among those Rwandan people who love you more than 100%? My President, you must be the only president who is so much loved by everyone: by the dead, the living and the unborn ones! But Mr. President, to “win” 100% during elections for us it is not a surprise, because you are not the first or the last one to have such landslide victory in the history of the world. For example, the Late President Habyarimana Juvenal whom you killed too used to have 100% during his reign, and remember too that is what you yourself used to accuse him and that has been the reason why you opted to kill him and imagine no one has so far dared even to question you so that you can answer responsibly to your crimes you committed against him by taking away his life when you had both signed peace accord and against the Rwandan people up to now and worse again now you are just still doing the same things or even worse things than those you said and accused him of what he was doing. Mr. President, even Adolf Hitler, Idi Amini Dada of Uganda, Gadhafi, Sadam Hussein, Mobutu Seseko of Zaire, Obiang Ngwema, Piong Young of North Korea too have or were used to have such landslide victory or even more than such percentages of votes in elections. And they all too said that they were popular among their people and therefore they have been too “forced” by their own citizens to rule over them for the rest of their life in total subjection. Pure lies and perpetual deception, duping and manipulation of the international community dear Mr. President! So you can see that you have your own role models too in the way you are running Rwanda over more than 23 years and yet the 2017 elections have just crowned you as a king of Rwanda who is ready to govern that country like other kings did it before the Rwanda’s independence of 1962 for over more than 400 years in total subjection and oppression again, since you too,Mr. President, don’t believe in a Republic and democratic system at all, but rather you believe in dynastic and absolute monarch. When you attacked Rwanda on 01.10.1990 you were accusing your predecessor President Juvenal Habyarimana of being a dictator and you killed him by saying that he had ruled Rwanda for so many years, when he had only been in power for 18 years. But Mr. President why do you then still want to lead Rwanda for the rest of your life? What could be wrong with you? You always defend your clinging onto power till death by saying that you have developed Rwanda and yet you know very well that when you killed your predecessor the late President Habyarimana, Rwanda was too called “Switzerland of Africa”, because of unity, peace and the economic development it was said to have scored before you, at least compared to other countries in the region. What could be the difference between Rwanda being called or considered “Switzerland of Africa” under Habyarimana Juvenal and Rwanda being considered or called by you like “Singapore” of Africa under you, Paul Kagame, as you want it to be? What is so special that you have brought in Rwanda which no other person could not bring over all those years you have subdued and subjected us, the people of Rwanda, had you accepted to open political space in Rwanda? However, my president, the only difference between you and the late President Habyarimana Juvenal, is that you have accumulated a lot of wealth and richness during the time of your presidential office, while Habyarimana Juvenal was only concerned by the welfare of all the people of Rwanda, but more especially the poor ones and he had not accumulated everything to himself like you have done it, reason why when you killed him he was just still as not as rich as you are now, and as poor as not you would not want to die as we know you, as Paul Kagame. Late president Habyarimana never believed in grabbing everything from people to himself like you but rather to care and develop equitably the people of Rwanda. Mr. President, what do you think you will give us Rwanda people, which you have not given us during your previous 3 terms but in reality in your 4 terms of office? Mr. President you are very clever when it comes to protect your own interests in selling and using Rwandan people as your own personal business. You have managed to convince and fool the whole world that “fake” and “tricked” so called development, “should come before human rights protection, human freedom and democracy and they all believed in you.” This is your conviction? Do you think that you are right Mr. President? You kill thousands of people and you publish about a hotel and a tall building that you are putting up in Kigali capital city of Rwanda or clean a piece of a road and kill a hundred of people. When you talk of development, Mr. President, it is meant for whom, since you kill those people you claim to work for? Mr. President, since we love you so much could you kindly tell me why under you many political opponents in Rwanda continue to disappear, being kidnapped, harassed, intimidated and killed? Why are you so much afraid of the people who want to challenge you more especially women like Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza and Diane Shima Rwigara, Mr. President? Why are you having paranoia and phobia of democracy and human freedoms in Rwanda when we love you so much as your subjects and slaves? Do you think that a slave can vote for another person apart from his master like you, Mr. President? You have won these so called presidential Rwanda 2017 elections, after crashing the whole opposition political opponents whom you consider as unwanted to you by imprisoning, killing, and exiling them and after blocking and silencing all the vibrating candidates who were supposed to send you away like Yahya Jammeh of Gambia though the ballot papers. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for you, Mr. President, you managed to block your exit and protect yourself to stay on power. But again Mr. President, there is still other options for you, after you have just escaped from being like Yahya Jammeh of Gambia. Yet Mr. President, you can still be always free to choose now from other remaining options: Being picked up one day from underground like Saddam Hussein and Col. Kaddafi or you can join Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Tylor in Hague in the Netherlands. The choice is still yours Mr. President. After stealing so much all Rwanda,s and RDC,s resources and in order to start securing their future, you have now decided to send your own son Ian Comoro to do business in USA and while you are now grooming Ange your daughter and who is now your private and personal secretary to replace you as the president of Rwanda and yet you keep on saying that you are still too young to leave power in Rwanda. Mr. President, this is not a surprise to me, because that is how all dictators act when their end is approaching. Mr. President, your time to fall, like all other ruthless and totalitarian dictators is imminent too. But our eyes are closely watching you and all your maneuverings about money laundering from Rwanda and RDC resources. Mr. president, do you still remember too that your predecessor, president Habyarimana Juvenal whom you killed, was only 58 years old and yet you are too 59 years old now. Don’t you, Mr. President, think it is time to start thinking about your future as well too? Mr. president I have been reading some of the tweets of some of officials from your criminal government, notably, Louise Mushikiwabo, the foreign affairs minister and Johnson Busingye, justice minister, to mention but a few. Where they have flooded internet by insulting all the white people who are continuously exposing clearly what you and your criminal government are doing in continuing to violate human rights in Rwanda. Mr. President, don’t you think that your ministers consistently by insulting the white people is that not a clear indication of your racist mind? Mr. President, don’t you think that consistently abusing people who are challenging you, you are like cutting a tree on which you are standing? Is it a Rwandan culture to insult anyone who is challenging you or trying to advise you in your dubious dealings or mischiefs? Here is the extract of minister of foreign affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo from her insultious tweets:

The insultious tweets of Justice Minister Johnson Busingye and of others you can also find them on twitters accounts. By the way, Mr. President, are you aware that your so called justice minister cheated you that he has studied law but in fact he has no any qualifications in law and from any school of law in the world? Let him show you one day his qualification papers when you are making another anti-human life Kagame’s next government. Mr. President, you have assaulted so much the people of Rwanda. You have really defiled their constitution and you have violated our human right so much, when will you really stop raping us, the people of Rwanda and the country of Rwanda as well. Mr. President, I can only advise you to change your hobby from enjoying killing your own people and try and find another hobby in your life which will make you look positive and constructive rather than a rapist and defiler of the Rwandan constitution, its people and their country forever. Mr. President, Will you continue again grabbing all the business from people of Rwanda. During your 4th term, Will you still blocking Rwandan people from farming what they want? Will your soldier and police and “INTORE” militia armed groups in Rwanda, stop harassing Rwandan people. Mr. President, in your ruling over the Rwandan people you are not different from a “rapist.” By the way what is the difference between “INTORE” of RPF Kagame Paul and the “INTERAHMWE” of MRND of the late president Habyarimana Juvenal? I am sorry to let you know the only difference is that “INTORE” of Paul Kagame and RPF are more funded and armed than “INTERAHAMWE” otherwise the role of the two militia groups is one and the same. Mr. President you keep on boasting about developing Rwanda. Who could not have done even better than you after so many years that you have subjected Rwanda? You also boast about heavy armed soldiers and heavy arms which you have acquired over more than 23 years but were Sadam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Bin Laden, Kaddafi, and El Sadat not very well equipped in war and army munitions? And the Bible says: “The king is not saved by the size of his army, a warrior is not delivered by his great strength.”(Psalm 33:16)

Last but not the least, will you, Mr. president, will you remember to reward those 2 candidates, Frank Habineza and Philippe Mpayimana, who successfully escorted and accompanied you in your all shows as performer during 2017 elections, after Tora Kagame Paul Electoral Commission had blocked Diane Rwigara and Gilbert Mwenedata from giving you the real competitive elections? While you gave them what they really deserved: Dr. Frank Habineza (0, 45%) and to Philippe Mpayimana (0, 72). What type of return will you give to them? The two candidates have helped you to continue cheating, as you have been always doing it, the whole world that during our so called Rwanda elections, Kagame competes with Paul and then Paul Kagame alone wins always Rwandan elections at last. Remember that Philippe Mpayiman and Frank Habineya have accepted to be chosen by you to accompany you for their own bellies and personal interests and not in the interest of the Rwandan people. No wonder they are both happy with those electoral results that you gave to them. Allow me too to commend your cleverness to have consistently kept on duping and fooling every one about Rwandan situation for over more than 24 years now by your fake and manipulated economic figures in Rwanda so that you continue using them in trying to evade justice forever because of your well known historical criminal records. However there ca never be any real and durable development and stability of security, safety and peace when there is no justice, truth, human freedoms, respect and promotion of human life and dignity and democracy in any given country. Mr. President, I cannot commend you to have made Rwanda a no go area for freedom and democracy by turning Rwanda into one political party state RPF where you are the one and only Judge the only law maker and the only executor of all the policies in Rwanda. Hoping that you have also read well the Press Statement from the Foreign department of USA and other international newspapers, your great supporter, on the Rwanda 2017 presidential elections, I would like to end my letter by promising to you too that Rwandan people will never allow you to continue holding them as hostages in slavery under you, and being held like in prison and under apartheid system in their own land. We are very sick fed up and tired of your oppression suppression, intimidation and serial killings. I wish you well, Mr. President.

Amani Mahoro Peace