Congratulations To His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda

Dr David Himbara

Excellency, congrats. You won big by 98.6%. Impressive. This is 1.4% less than your counterpart in North Korea, Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader.

But Excellency, are you really mentally prepared to rule until 2034? You will be 77 years. These days I see you looking rather aged and tired. Perhaps you should assign more duties to your partner, First Lady Nyiramongi, so that you don’t exhaust yourself. Remember you are also reforming the African Union. You are in fact its chairman next year.

And Excellency, when you reach 2034, won’t be tempted to extend your rule to 2050 to see the implementation of your vision 2050? You will be 93 years. Then perhaps you might wish to retire?

Excellency, be extremely careful. It is dangerous out there. The history of our beloved Rwanda illustrates how powerful rulers end rather unexpectedly and violently. All your predecessors perished in that fashion. But then again Excellency, you are so much more loved. You may also recall, however, your predecessors used to win elections by 99.8%.

Lastly Excellency, regarding people who tarnish the good image of your government – what do you plan to do with them in the next phase? As you know you are falsely accused of assassinating some of them. I have a keen interest in this matter, because I know a few of these misguided chaps you rightly call IBIGARASHA.

Once again congrats Sir.

Yours Sincerely,

David Himbara


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