PDP-IMANZI meeting on friday, 08 november 2013 in KIBAGABAGA

In  accordance with our declaration of 21 june 2013 on our arrival at Kigali, to Rwandan people, members, friends and sympathizers of the political party PDP-IMANZI and to the international opinion, we are going on with the process aiming at democratic and peaceful political change in which our party is engaged.

At the end of a three months period of our mission, we are pleased to announce to Rwandan prople in general and particularly to members, friends and sympathizers of our party and to the international opinion the following:
–  We have reached and even exceeded the number of members provided for by Rwandan legislation so that PDP-IMANZI political party can hold it’s constituant assembly on which the party is entitled to request registration and the authorisation for publically and ofiicially exercising political activities;
–  Respectiful of Rwandan legislation, the political party PDP-IMANZI is endowed with statutes and internal rules and regulation which shall be presented to founder members for adoption and signing during the party’s constituant assembly;
–  In the same way, we have now accomplished another important step provided for by the Rwandan current legislation. We have in fact adressed to the Mayor of Gasabo District a letter requesting the authorisation to hold the constituant assembly of PDP-IMANZI political party. We intend to hold this meeting on friday, 08 november 2013 in KIBAGABAGA Cell, KIMIRONKO Sector, Gasabo District;
– We take this opportunity to sincerely thank different administrative organs of our country that granted us necessary administrative documents for accomplishing the task that we are happy to present today, the information relating to the functioning of administrative organs of our country;
–  We would like also to adress our warm thanks to our compatriots particularly the founder members of our party; PDP-IMANZI, for their great effort and support in accomplishing the steps realised by our party today;
–  As conclusion, we ask Rwandan people from all categories to firmly adhere to and support our project aiming to bring a sustainable and lasting peace that, in our point of view, shall come out of a Highly Inclusive Dialogue between Rwandans.This dialogue shall be based on authentic truth about the tragic past of our country and of it’s people, equal justice for all Rwandans, respectiful of domestic laws, general principles of law and of international conventions ratified by Rwanda, forgiveness and national reconciliation advocated by our party.
This is a simple departure. Doors are open. You are welcome.
Done at Kigali, on 26 September 2013
Party’s Temporary Chairman.