PUBG Mobile vs. PUBG Mobile Lite – What’s the difference?

Firstly, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground) was released in 2017 for PC and Mac OS. After watching the game’s increasing popularity, developers had decided to launch it on mobile platforms for free. Although the game is free, players need to purchase costumes, weapons, skins, and other items using the UC (in-game currency). It isn’t ended here, the game releases season after a while, and each season brings both free and premium items for free and membership players. PUBG Mobile is specially designed for smartphones having over 4GB RAM and up to 12 GB RAM. Did you know? Players with well-established profiles set their accounts for sale on marketplaces. Those players who are new to the game, and don’t want to start from zero are intended to buy PUBG Mobile Accounts.  

Five Major Differences Between PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile

Moreover, players who are using 2GB mobiles can’t experience the PUBG Mobile on their devices; if they try to experience the game, they start to lag. It means thousands of complaints have been submitted to developers to bring the PUBG Mobile to small devices. Therefore, developers have decided and released a new version, known as PUBG Mobile Lite. Although both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite belong to their parent game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground), there are still many differences between these two titles. Here are the five best differences – PUBG Mobile vs. PUBG Mobile Lite.


PUBG Mobile comes with four maps: Vikendi, Sanhok, Miramar, and Erangel. In contrast, PUBG Mobile Lite offers only two maps such as Golden Woods and Varenga. If we talk about the maps’ size, then the PUBG Lite version has smaller maps than the Mobile version because the lite version has been released for devices with limited resources. 


Although the gameplay duration depends on your survival skills, the time you need to be the last standing player in the PUBG Lite is halved of the PUBG Mobile because PUBG Mobile has larger maps and 100-player matches. 

Phone Requirements 

If you have a phone with 1GB Ram and 4GB ROM, you can easily play PUBG Mobile Lite. The game requires only 600 MB of free storage to set up the game, while PUBG Mobile needs up to 3 GB of free space. 

Number of Players 

PUBG Mobile comes with a 100-player match, but the developers decreased the number of players up to 60 for the PUBG Mobile Lite. That’s the main reason the maps and the duration of PUBG Mobile Lite are smaller than PUBG Mobile. 


Many players who switched from PUBG Mobile to its lite version have noticed low-quality graphics, but players who are new to PUBG seem more satisfied than those. However, there’s not so much difference if you compare the graphics. 


There would be more differences between both titles that aren’t mentioned above; however, we tried to highlight the prominent ones. Playing PUBG Mobile is much better than participating in PUBG Mobile Lite if you have a phone with a free space of over 3GB and a Ram of up to 4GB.