Rwanda Admitted that State-Owned Enterprises Have Not Been Audited for Years: these Companies Should be Audited if the Government Is Ready to Become Transparent

By David Himbara

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The government of General Paul Kagame has admitted what is widely known, that state-owned enterprises (SOEs) “have not been audited over the past years.” This remarkable admission is made in the Rwanda Fiscal Risk Statement 2020 published by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. Are we to believe that the Kagame government has now become transparent on the use of the taxpayers’ money? If so, is the government ready to audit SOEs?
Begin with Rwanda’s Pension Fund
If the Kagame government is ready to become transparent, let it begin by auditing the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) which in charge of the national pension fund. RSSB has not been audited for decades – but even worse, it has not published an annual report since 2014/2015. Does the Kagame government have the courage to audit RSSB? Stay tuned.