Public Protest in Boston AGAINST Criminal PAUL KAGAME, President of Rwanda

You are all invited – The world’s top criminal PaulKagame will be in Boston on September 21st/22nd. Please notice the TIME CHANGE. Of course he keeps changing things around because he’s lately been traumatized by protests and lawsuits AGAINST him around the world, and Boston will be no exception. In Boston Kagame will be greeted by protesters and fresh lawsuit.

This event was originally scheduled for sept 28 & 29, but he’s planning to visit UCLA at that time, where he will be greeted with protests and lawsuit as well. As criminal Kagame changes his travel plans, we concerned citizens will keep you updated. Get ready to show up in large numbers and show criminal Kagame that he can run but he can’t hide, that his end is nearing.

Location in Boston to be determined.


  1. a man of all seasons.mumureka sha ntakiza mwzana mu rwatubyaye uretse kugisahura ali nabyo mumuziza .utazi ko mra abajura ninde.long live our president.

  2. stop calling our hero a criminal, he’s man who has ressurected the country from where some of you had arole in burrying it into abyss in 1994

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