Regional police sports exercise in Kampala is a reorganization of Rwandan terror in Kampala and region. 

René Rutagungira

The exercise has given enough time two IGPs who are sported together in hotels of Mukono and this comes following other meetings.

_ Kigali is in confusion of her terrorist Rutagungira René and others who were arrested by unknown people whom Ugandan police commanded by Kigali suspected CMI commanded by Col. Kandiho Abel who escaped multiple attempts to be killed by Kigali goons .

The Ugandan police commanded by Kigali gave cctv report to the wife of Kigali most notorious assassinator, arms smuggler and terrorism executor Rutagungira René something they didn’t do for Kagezi, Mugenyi,Kawesi etc

_ Rwandan intelligence is the most notorious agency in the region dealing with all criminals that scares the world but more especially in our greater region.

_ Kigali intelligence agencies are now known to be running Islamic terrorists in the region and this is why most of Rwandan Muslims who refused to join the group were being shoot openly to scare the lest so that they can join the venture being commanded by the son of Musa Fazil and one of the Rwandan diplomat in Uganda Baguma Ismail.

_The scheme of terror was initiated far in 2009 ,and was intensified in 2020 when Kigali had got many intelligence agencies of the region on payrolls.

What does Rwanda gain in terror a cross frontiers?

_Kigali wants to prove herself Israel of Africa and to be the most scared force in the region after her assassination of Laurent Kabira, failed mission on Nkurunziza Pierre, threatening Kikwete of Tz, failing Ugandan security for almost a decade,shooting Gen. Kayumba in South Africa when they had hosted the world tournaments Kagame is now King of terror in black man’s land.

_He wants to prove that all other countries neighboring Rwanda are not safe for investments , tourism and their security forces not professional.

_ He does terror to divert investors and tourists who are ever security concerned into his safe country

_Terror has to be exported and maintained in neighbors to undermine the regimes and their securities so that his forces would always be the only option in U.N. sponsored peace operations.
_ He exports terror to be expert and only problem solver in failed security situations case of Congo, Burundi and Sudan.

Who is safe in the region with notorious criminals of Kagame Paul intelligence agencies?

_We(Rwandans) are now sharing problems with other nationals of East Africa equally whether we accept or East African governments does.

_Kenya people were being shoot on streets because they were Rwandan refugees since late 90s terror went on to date and am sure Rwandan refugees killed are less compared to Kenyans who are being killed in terrorism acts they cant tell their sources of training,equipment and intelligence facilities.

_In Ugandan we have lost many of our fellow refugees but counting Ugandan officials, civilians who were killed by the terrorists sponsored and covered with in by the external hand it breaks the souls of all concerned nationals.

_ Burundi its to much the country was almost made a failed state and the causer would go on air and say how the country her aid was going to be cut and it happened I can’t count how many people Burundi lost because of a bad neighbor.

_ Congo of DRC is a forgotten country in the region ,continent and the world because her victimizer is strong, scaring to be told!!

When other countries are claiming to have achieved Mdgs congo of DRC just stays an incubator for bad neighbor militias to fail her and the region.

_Tz in her foreign policy of mediation Kikwete had wish of mediating conflicting parties in the region as a good neighbor but the man of Kigali sent him a massage of hitting him in the most paining part.

Brothers and sisters in this struggle against anarchy of Kagame Paul be aware who is against us is against the lest just stay alert stay alive!

Rugema Kayumba