Animals learn behaviors and characters of the people who they live with. When you keep for example some pigeons at home and there is peace and tranquility in your home then those pigeons are likely to stay at home. But if there is always fighting and conflicts in your home then don’t even dare or try to keep them because they will never stay at your home where there are always some quarrels. These pigeons will run away soon or later. When you see how the “crocodile” or crocodiles have been eating and killing people who go to draw water in the river of Nyabarongo, you can easily tell or have a feeling of how Rwandan people are being killed by Paul Kagame. These happening expose surely the nature, the behavior and what exactly is happening in our home Rwanda under Paul Kagame. This Nyabarongo tragedy is undisputable example of what is happening in Rwanda over more than 23 years of the reign of RPF and Paul Kagame. No wonder Kagame Paul and his criminal government cannot even bother to intervene to help these people because they really know that that is a true reflection of the situation of Rwanda as a whole now.

In Nyabarongo have been living crocodiles for a long time. From the same river people had been drawing water. It has never happened the way it is happening now under Paul Kagame. One of the people living along the same river confirmed that the crocodile had killed and eaten “7” human being in one “week” only. Number “7” is a symbol of “completion.” What is happening in Nyabarongo shows “really”, “clearly”, ”publicly”, ”openly” and “massively” how Paul Kagame is also killing in Rwanda mercilessly and brutally. If we read so many reports on Rwanda we see how many human beings have been killed and are still being killed by Paul Kagame from the time invaded Rwanda until today. Number “7” of the people killed by the crocodile in Nyabarongo within one week only symbolize the suffering which is accompanies the “7” years rule of illegal presidency of Paul Kagame over Rwanda. The today’s Nyabarongo situation is the revelation of the wrath befalling Rwanda and Rwandan people following the stolen and illegal term of “7” years of Paul Kagame.

Crocodiles or the “crocodile” in Nyababrongo are participating in criminal acts of Paul Kagame in Rwanda. These animals are like living with Paul Kagame in he same house and they are copying what is going on in his home be it his personal first family or the country of Rwanda as our home all. This crocodile or these crocodiles in Nyabarongo are copying his behaviors, lifestyle and way of acting. Kagame Paul must be happy when these animals are killing people since he becomes happy to hear that there are people dying in Rwanda or elsewhere in the world. These crocodiles in Nyabarongo are linked either “spiritually” or “physically” but “devilishly” in one way of the other with the mind, the spirit, the will, the wish, the desire of the killer Paul Kagame who is running Rwanda.

The phase in which Rwanda is now is period whereby Kagame Paul is now like a mad person who has lost any small human nature who was in him if at he had it, so that he will never leave any human life in Rwanda at peace. Kagame Paul is now at his peak in killing, although he has been doing, and eliminating everyone in Rwanda from A to Z wherever he passes by but this time Paul is like a disturbed wasp. The intensified eating and killing of people by these animal in Nyabarongo is telling us what are plans Paul Kagame and his criminal government during this period of “7”. It will be marked by blood shedding more than ever as if Paul Kagame will be catching up with time like someone who is going to die who wants to do it all before his death! Very pitiful and sad for us the people of Rwanda!

t this moment Rwanda is clearly under a total autocratic and authoritarian rule and absolute monarchy under Paul Kagame. A Rwandan who will survive Kagame Paul assassination and killing during this “7” years of his illegal rule will be very lucky! If you are a Rwandan and Kagame Paul will not kill you during this his “7” years rule then you will survive his brutal assassinations and you will be assured that he will never touch and catch up with you in your lifetime! If the survivors of Nyabarongo killings are mentioning only “one crocodile” it does not mean that other “crocodiles” in Nyabarongo are dormant. They are also killing people in the same river just like the said “Crocodile” as well. The Government of Rwanda, Rwanda officials and Kagame Paul’s first hand people are also underground participating in Kagame Paul’s criminal endless activities as well just like it is happening in Nyabarongo and the crocodiles’ hostility towards people! SOS Rwanda! SOS Rwandan people!

Amani Mahoro Peace