RPF’S dark projects

By Gakwerere

The RPF usually has eye catching names for their dark projects, but all their programs and projects are actually aimed at profiting the few – led by chief Lucifer; and these are some of the eye catching programs auto proclaimed by the satanic party.

1) Umubonano (togetherness): This was one of the earliest projects by the RPF regime; but its intentions are only to confuse and create a false sense of unity among Rwandans.

2) Gacaca: This judicial method created by the RPF to judge suspected genocideurs in Rwanda. But unfortunately the Gacaca jurisdiction turned into a political project to judge perceived political opponents.

3) Come and see (Ngwino urebe): This was another eye catching project by the RPF to the Diaspora where they were encouraged to come and visit Rwanda. Rwandan embassies around the world where paying air tickets for Rwandans to visit Rwanda. But unfortunately it was only intore and relatives of senior government officials residing in Europe and America who benefited on this scheme that was intended for Rwandans who had left the country in 1994.

4) Imihigo (government targets): As usual, this is an eye catching word that emphasizes good governance. But as everyone knows it’s a word that remains on posters and files, as the RPF has no single governance in its essence of operation. It’s a party ridden by high levels of corruption, nepotism and divisionism.

5) Agaciro: As everyone knows, this was another day time robbery done by the RPF regime on its population. The money collected through this highway thieving has been trashed to different banks in China, Singapore, South Korea, Canary Islands, Mauritius…etc, by the Kagames. This will be a discussion of another time, on how the RPF is laundering money around the world.

6) The 2020 vision: The madman’s dream that has failed catastrophically. It’s good to have a dream, but a dream without a plan, objective, program, and a clear blue print is an illusion. The 2020 vision has been Paul Kagame’s illusion but after he woke up; now the illusionist has shifted his goal to 2040 Vision.

Rwandans by now are no longer amazed by RPF and the behaviours of the Kagames; the RPF has nothing to offer it’s a satanic party with satanic elements at the top of the government.