1st February a day that Kagame wanted the nation to praise him as a SUPER HERO

By Gakwerere

In 1996, the then vice-president and minister of defence – criminal Paul Kagame who was actually the real defacto president, as president Pasteur Bizimungu had no single decision making powers; Kagame woke up with an illusion dream and named every 1st of February as a hero’s day.

Before presenting this day to the then RPA high command, criminal Paul Kagame first briefed his confidants within the RPA high command for support prior to the meeting. During this time, Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa was the highest confidant and his trusted skilled lieutenant.

Before proposing 1st February to be declared a Hero’s day, criminal Paul Kagame had the numbers as he had spent time clandestinely campaigning for this date.

During RPA high command meeting, senior army officers asked why it can’t be on the 1st October, the day the RPA/RPF invaded Rwanda or the 2nd October, the supposed day Fred Rwigema had been killed/assassinated; or the 4th July when RPA presumably captured Kigali.

However, criminal Paul Kagame was determined that 1st February should be named as a hero’s day, and his noise support from sycophants such as Karenzi Karake, Fred Ibingira, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Charles Muhire…etc; helped his underlying evil plan. A long term plan that these short sighted senior military sycophants didn’t see.

With time, all those who opposed this decision and the group that criminal Paul Kagame used to refer as Bipinga within, have one by one been eliminated/assassinated. It’s only Sam Kaka and Musitu who are still breathing.

And for his 1996 usual sycophants – goons, all of them have fallen out with criminal Paul Kagame with the exception of Gen Fred Ibingira. Some have been eliminated, majority on indefinite joblessness (agatebe – gatebe) and others cowering as refugees outside the country. What these military sycophants felt to read, was that, criminal Paul Kagame had a long-term vision for himself.

Now, 22 years along the way, these senior military sycophants who brainlessly and selfishly supported criminal Paul Kagame in all his dark endeavour, have come to realise that 1st Feb was a day that Kagame wanted the nation to praise him as a SUPER HERO. In their brokenness, with limited freedoms and inside the open prison – Rwanda. Trust, these former senior military sycophants are living a life of regret and fearful that their former comrade – Paul Kagame may strike them any time he wishes.

Over the years, 1st February, has been turned into Kagame day; where all media outlets in the police state of Rwanda praises chief Lucifer, aggrandizing him to a godly status. The north Korean model has been applied for this day. The nation is told that without the super hero, the nation would cease to exist. That it’s through him that Rwanda lives, thus criminal Paul Kagame = Rwanda.