RPF’s nucleus is declared dead and is henceforth sent to the mortuary

In 1999, Paul Kagame decided it was time to occupy the highest office. A commission of inquiry was instituted to bring down the former President Pasteur Bizimungu.

The commission was composed of Rose Kabuye, Joseph Karemera and Tito Rutaremara; among others. Charges were corruption- that Bizimungu’s lorry entered the Rwandan territory without paying taxes. Fast forward, Rose Kabuye; then an RPF MP, became very instrumental in bringing down Bizimungu, by among others, spreading ‘harmful propaganda’ against the person of Bizimungu in the parliament, aiming at a possible censure.

Fast forward, Rose Kabuye bluntly told Pasteur Bizimungu a day before his resignation, that he better relinquish the top job for PK. This was in March 2000, and imagine where? In a popular night club named Cadillac. Bizimungu left immediately. The next day, he tendered in his resignation.

In August 2000, Pasteur Bizimungu confided in me this story, which was corroborated by Rose. Then, Rose was so powerful that she was the alpha and omega in Rwanda. I remember sending summons to my editor which we sarcastically labeled a ‘postcard’.

Fast forward in 2014, August 20 to be precise, Odda Gasinzigwa is called by RPF SG Ngarambe. The mission is to bring down Rose Kabuye and anything connected to her, among others. Gasinzigwa was told to aim at the roots- who sympathize with what.

Rose Kabuye is on watch, her husband is in custody. Her brother Frank is on watch (because his wife Dr Tesi is a sister to Kantengwa). Kantengwa is inside. Rose’s husband, David’s case, has extended to Brig. Rusagara. Col. Baguma was as well making his good use of intelligence to lay a claim against Tom Byabagamba in South Sudan (Tom was as of recent a deputy UNAMISS commander in SS). And the wife comes in, same case with sister Rosemary Museminari.

Moral of the story;:

1. Rose Kabuye et al’s application for public sympathy is hereby dismissed with costs.

2. RPF’s nucleus is declared dead and is henceforth sent to the mortuary

Didas Gasana