Press Release

The ordinary congress of the Political Party, FDU-Inkingi, held its meeting on the 13-14, September 2014. More than 75% of delegates, well above the required quorum for the congress to sit, enthusiastically embraced congress deliberations. Delegates hailed from different continents and countries including Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, and the UK), America (the US) and Africa (Rwanda and Senegal). Participants to the Congress discussed the socio-political situation in Rwanda and the ongoing repression against the Rwandan people;

Aware that the RPF regime continues to close the political space and resorts to killing or to state sponsored enforced disappearances of its critics,

Referring to the resolutions taken by the latest extraordinary congress held in Breda, The Netherlands, in April 2014;

Takes the following Resolutions :

1. The Congress reiterated that Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza remains the FDU-Inkingi’s Chairperson and that the Congress continues to be totally behind her.

2. The Congress confirmed the newly elected Party’s leadership as follows:

2.1. Chair: Victoire INGABIRE UMUHOZA
2.2. First Vice-Chair: Boniface TWAGIRIMANA
2.3. Second Vice-Chair: Joseph BUKEYE
2.4. Secretary-General: Sylvain SIBOMANA
2.5. Deputy Secretary-General: Dr. Emmanuel MWISENEZA
2.6. Treasurer: Naomi MUKAKINANI
2.7. Mobilization and CPLs Management: Antoine NIYITEGEKA
2.8. Judicial Affairs and Human Rights : Joseph MUSHYANDI
2.9. Political Affairs : Gratien NSABIYAREMYE
2.10. External Relations and Spokesperson Justin BAHUNGA
2.11. Social Affairs and Women Empowerment: Emmanuel DUKUZEMUNGU
2.12. Youth: Flora IRAKOZE
2.13. Information and Communication : Charles NDEREYEHE
2.14. Refugees Welfare: Felicien HATEGEKIMANA
2.15. Research and Strategy: Dr. Jean-Nepomuscene MANIRARORA
2.16. Security and Documentation: Pierre-Claver KARANGWA

The Congress was presented with members of the new political leadership for confirmation. The approval was duly granted.

The Congress was also informed that Mr. Theophile NTIRUTWA is currently the FDU-Inkingi’s Representative in Kigali-City, Rwanda.

3. Special Commissions :

The Congress proceeded to appoint officials to lead the various « Special Commissions » as spelt out in articles 17, 18 and 19 of the Party’s Internal Rules and Regulations,

3.1. The Commission responsible for Accountability across the Party Structures. It comprises 5 individuals and is led by Joram MUSHIMIYIMANA
3.2. The Commission responsible for Internal Conflict Resolution. It comprises 5 individuals and is led by Jean-Baptiste RUMAGIHWA
3.3. The Commission of Experts comprising 5 individuals.
3.4. Electoral Commission. It comprises 5 individuals and is led by Dismas NDAHAYO

4. Acknowledgement:

The Congress seized the opportunity to specifically thank the Electoral Commission for the tremendous work it did by preparing and chairing the meeting. The Congress also thanked the party’s former organs, the Coordinating Committee and the Interim Executive Committee, for the work done. It informed the general public of the winding up of former party organs namely the Coordinating Committee and the Interim Executive Committee and their replacement by the Management Committee and the Executive Committee.

5. The Party’s Unity:

The Congress reaffirmed that there are no factions within the political party FDU-Inkingi but a case of individuals who decided to behave in a way that is contrary to the rules and regulations governing the party hence excluding themselves from party activities. The Congress reaffirmed once again the resolution, which was taken by the latest extraordinary Congress in Breda, The Netherlands, regarding individuals whose membership with FDU-Inkingi has been suspended and/or terminated. The Congress reaffirmed that doors are still open to individuals who would like to come back to the Party if they decided to accept to live by its rules and regulations.

6. Collaboration with other political parties:

The Congress once again reaffirmed that:
• The opposition ought to unite in order to speed up political change in Rwanda;
• The FDU-Inkingi political party will continue negotiations with other parties but it must keep its independence intact;

• The Congress reaffirmed that it unequivocally supports current partnership agreements between FDU-Inkingi and other political parties, namely, RNC-Ihuriro and Amahoro-PC;
• In view of the good steps made in improving the working relationships between FDU-Inkingi with other political parties such as PDR-Ihumure, PDP-Imanzi, and PS-Imberakuri, the delegates to the Congress encouraged the Party to make further steps with a view to reaching a partnership agreement.


The meeting was closed by Mr Joseph BUKEYE, the Second Vice-Chair. In his address, Mr BUKEYE first thanked Mr Eric BAHEMBERA, for the wisdom and the perspicacity which he manifested while presiding over the meeting. Furthermore, he thanked Dr Emmanuel MWISENEZA and his team for having put forward the Party’s interests above partisan interests. In particular, he thanked Dr Emmanuel MWISENEZA for his contribution in ensuring that the Congress proceeds smoothly and in harmony.

Mr Joseph BUKEYE strongly affirmed that the fact that the two lists have merged is a strong indication that all of us are poised to strengthen the Party’s unity. He promised that he would do anything in his power to ensure that Party’s unity is never shaken.

He ended by asking all Party’s members to fully support the new political leadership in its endeavour to fulfil its duties.

Done in Alost, Belgium, on September 14, 2014.

Second Vice-Chair