In the last few days, the president of Rwanda expressed his feelings in a strange way. He was saying that something is going wrong in his body and he would like to see those he calls interahamwe to attack and give them a lesson. These expressions make Rwandans wonder how safe Rwanda is. In this country, the population spend nights looking for suspicious movements. This happens in the whole country, it is a generalised panic.

One of the RPF mouth piece news oulet has said that last night a police station was attacked in Rubavu and many people might have lost their lives. What is strange enough is the rhetoric that Rwanda is well protected, but it is visible that the security of the population is in danger if the policemen can fail to defend their station.

The Governor of the Western Province blames the local population for last night (April 15) attack on the police station.

I quote:” There is no way any attack can come from behind the hill and get to the village center without people’s knowledge! Our say of you giving us information on time has not been respected”
Then she goes on: “I urge you to send your children to school, those who do not have education will mostly end up criminals”

Then a local villager said: “there must be people in the village who gave away specific locations where the police were stationed; such as local microfinance SACCO, church etc…

The spokesman of the defense ministry confirmed the attack in a statement on saturday. Unlike other military and civilian authorities who described the attack as a simple act of armed robbery, the spokesman of the army was clear: the attack targeted a police station.