Last night’s alleged rebel attack in Rwanda, in which at least 9 Kagame junta police officers and 10 junta soldiers were allegedly killed, is a worrying development.

I call upon all Rwandans and the international community to pay attention to protection of civilians in the Northern part of Rwanda where the fighting allegedly took place.

Kagame junta has started rounding up civilians in the Northern part of Rwanda where the fighting between the alleged rebels and Kagame junta forces reportedly happened. Kagame junta should NOT blame ordinary people for not reporting information about the attack to the army and other security organs. Ordinarily, the local people are not reasonably expected to know the time, nature and place of military operations by any group, including rebels. Kagame junta has its military and civil intelligence systems. If Kagame intelligence did not get information about the attack, why does Kagame junta expect the local people to have known about the alleged attack before hand?

If it’s true that Kagame’s army and police were attacked by a group of rebels, I am sure Kagame’s style of government and his refusal to relinquish power is to blame for the inevitable civil war. Protection of civilians is a central issue.

Dr. Charles Kambanda