Rwanda airways, Rwanda’s intelligence – spying tool.

At the beginning of this month, Rwanda’s intelligence personnels at Kanombe airport arrested a Ugandan human rights activist – Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera upon setting her foot on Rwandan soil. According to her, the intelligence/immigration personnels held her because a co pilot said he heard her at Entebbe queue calling kagame a young dictator following in big bro Museveni footsteps.

In her statement which she released after being declared by Rwanda’s criminal regime a persona non grata, she noted that, “They decided to let me on and co pilot came and shared a seat next to me. Upon arrival they picked me up from my driver when we were loading baggage in the car, sorry madam but your pictures didn’t come out well we need to take others plz come back inside. I obliged and as soon as I entered the airport 8 policed besieged me n handcuffed me.” I have come to learn that she used Rwanda airways on this fateful trip, the said co pilot was a Rwandan. To me, this wasn’t surprising.

To those who follow Rwanda’s social-political trends, this is not news but prolonged confirmation at how Rwanda’s society is deeply seated in a dirty culture of spying against each other for survival, to the extent of a co-pilot spying on a foreigner who was visiting the country. In Kagame’s land, professional ethics is an alien concept i.e, medical practitioners send/trade medical files of their clients to the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) or Doctors poisoning their clients on behalf of DMI.

Back on the issue of Rwanda airways, around 70% of personnels who work for the company report directly or indirectly to DMI. To enhance it’s intelligence credentials, Kagame appointed an active military man – Col Chance Ndagano as the new acting CEO and Lt Col. Sylvere Munyaneza to run the airline’s operational department. These two novices in airline business where appointed for the sole purpose of creating intelligence networks rather than profit projections.

When you board Rwanda airways, know that your entering into a DMI detachment, learn to behave appropriately, control your words and to whom your speaking with. Otherwise, the consequences may be dire i.e poisoning through airline foods & drinks, blacklisted, arrested/kidnapped/incarcerated..etc when you set foot in Rwanda. For Criminal Kagame’s critics, you already know, you don’t need any single advise on this matter.