Rwandan comedy and international mafia (1)!!!!

By Peter Urayeneza

Former Rwandan minister of health has been sacked from that ministry and immediately, she has been appointed as Vice Chancellor of University of Global Health Equity (UGHE).

I knew this info last week and I tried to know and understand what is University of Global Health Equity (UGHE), its origin, its source of funds and how its top managers are nominated.

By browsing and contacting people living in Rwanda, UGHE has been created under direct financial support of Clinton Foundation through its project known as “Partners in Health” . In addition to this, under heavy lobbying from Clinton’s team, UGHE is partrening with Melinda&Gates Foundation, the gouvernment of Rwanda, Cummings Foundation and Child Relief International (CRI) foundation .

Academic and administrative staff is dominated by so called experts in health from Havard medical school. This is an indicator that these experts are recruited directly by Dr Binagwaho Agnes who is : a) known as senior lecturer at harvard School, and b) a close friend of Kagame’s wife Nyiramongi Jeanette Kagame.

Dr Binagwaho Agnes is serving as a bridge between Clinton and Kagame families in this game of creating fictive jobs and opportunity of plundering not only Rwandan taxpayer’s money but also, a big portion of little money sent to that poor country by donors.
At this point, things are turning into a pure rwandan comedy. Kagame is funding this university (UGHE) while his only one University of Rwanda (UR) is facing many problems like lack of internet in different campuses, not paying salaries of lecturers, lack of hostels for students, lack of water and electricity, etc.

As an international mafia, in a few hours, we shall expose the link between kagame and his collaborators hidding under Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)!!!