Rwanda: As the more Contagious South African and the UK Covid19 Variants Spread, Kagame is Pressing Ahead to Host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

By David Himbara

The government of General Paul Kagame has announced that the rescheduled Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) will be held in Rwanda on 25–26 June 2021. The timing of Rwanda’s announcement is odd. 

Covid19 is currently causing havoc around the world, especially in the UK and South Africa, two commonwealth countries.

The UK and the South African variants which are more contagious than older variants are spreading in the two countries and beyond.

It is this context that the UK has shut its borders to more countries, including South Africa and even Rwanda, the host of CHOGM 2021.

So, what’s going here? Does Rwanda believe that the Covid19 pandemic will be overcome in five months time so that it host CHOGM? Stay tuned.