Who are the players to look out for in Euros 2021?

With the action put on hold in 2020, June 2021 sees the delayed Euros kick-off. The stage is set for European greats to show what they are made of as they battle to lift the crown. The Euro 2021 football championship may be a little different from tournaments gone by but as ever great established names will be pitting their skills, as well as giving a chance for fresh emerging talent to show what they are made of. Here are 5 up and coming stars to keep an eye on during the 2021 Euros:

1) Sandro Tonali – Italy

A rising star in the world of Italian football, Tonali has already been compared to the likes of Andrea Pirlo. Given that Pirlo is widely regarded as the greatest Italian footballer of all time, this comparison is more than a little flattering for the young Tonali. Demonstrating the ability to pass with precision, Tonali has ball control that is the envy of even the established stars set to take part in the Euros. With speed to match his skill, Tonali is seen gliding past the opposition, and 2021 is a chance for this 19-year-old to truly shine. 

2) Jadon Sancho

Touted as England’s most exciting player this century so far, Sancho already has a lot to live up to. His performances at Dortmund have seen the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United lining up to bring Sancho back to English soil. 38 appearances have seen Sancho find the back of the net on 19 occasions, as well as setting up another 16. England go into the 2021 Euros as one of the favourites. With youngsters like Sancho at their disposal, there is little wonder why. 

3) Ozan Kabak

Outside of the Bundesliga, Kabak is a relative unknown, so you could be forgiven for not recognising his name. At the age of 19, he became the youngest Turkish player to ever score 2 goals in a single match. Given that Kabak is a defender, that is nothing short of an incredible achievement. Having made his international debut in November 2020, Kabak has demonstrated his ability to put in a strong tackle, as well as not panicking when he has the ball under pressure. The delaying of the Euros in 2020 means that 2021 will give Kabak a chance to show exactly what he is made of. 

4) Myron Boadu

A broken ankle and being ruled out of action for 7 months back in 2018 wasn’t enough to dampen the rising star that is Boadu. This season he is already rated as one of the top scorers across Europe. 19 goals and 13 assists so far show what a powerhouse he is. Making his international debut in November 2019, Boadu is certainly a talent to watch in 2021 and is sure to be a major boost to the Netherlands ‘ team.

5) Erling Haaland

The one that got away: eligible to play for England, Haaland opted to play for the Norwegian team. His 2019/2020 season shows just why the England team would have loved nothing more than for him to join them: from 38 appearances, he found the back of the net an astonishing 36 times. At 6′ 4″. Haaland certainly has a presence and strikes fear into defenders as he sprints goal-wards. There is little doubt that Haaland will be netting more than one or two goals during the Euros in 2021.