Rwanda day: at least US$5M up in smoke!

President aircraft, ground transportation, luxury hotels, delegates air tickets, meals – no less than US$5million. And all the participants from Rwanda that came. I’m sure that was. It on their own dime. Kagame also sends busses all around the country to bring people in.

Rwanda day is an equivalent of the season of games in the Colosseum of Roma when the emperors sought to divert attention of the population from the day to day needs & anxieties. Just like the time of the Roman emperors,  this can only provide a short fix for the “Mob” has always been fickle in its relation with tyranny. This is true whether its the distribution of free bread & gladiatorial shows by emperos or the Atlanta show, including the tourism opportunities around Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int. Airport & other attractions, courtesy of the Kagames.

Imagine what $5M could do inside the country!

Recently 5117 students have been denied the bursary loan. A student studying engineering needs 600,000 Rwf as fees and 250,000 Rwf for subsistence. In short Rwf 850K. Converting in dollars at a rate of 700rwf/$, each student needs US $ 1,215 per year. Those 5M would have payed for (5M/1,215) = 4115 engineering students for the whole year!

For teachers as the salary is Rwf 40,000 per month, meaning 480,000 per year; equivalent to US $686 per year using the same rate of 700Rwf/$. Those 5M would sustain (5M/686)=7,289 school teachers for the whole year!

Policeman (net 35000 rwf/month =420,000 Rwf/per year= US $600 per year) those 5M would pay (5M/600) = 8,333 policemen per year! 
Military with a rank of private ( net 25000 rwf/month =300,000 Rwf/per year= US $ 429 per year) those 5M would pay (5M/429)= 11,655 Soldiers per year !

For families in need of Medical insurance (Mutuelle): (6000 Rwf/per family= US $ 9/per family) Those 5M would pay Mutuelle for (5M/9) = 555,556 Families!!! and knowing that the average number of persons in a Rwandese family is 3, Those 5M would pay medical insurance or Mutuelle for (555,556 x3)= 1,666,668 Rwandese!!!! My God ,I am stoping counting !!!!

Source: Facebook