Representatives of political organisations AMAHORO PEOPLE CONGRESS, FORCES DÉMOCRATIQUES UNIFIES INKINGI (FDU-INKINGI) and RWANDA NATIONAL CONGRESS (RNC) held their regular delegates’ meeting on April 18, 2015.

 The following items were on the agenda:

  1. Progress report on the work of the platform
  2. Recent developments at the political and security level in Rwanda and in the Great Lakes of Africa
  3. Issues of Rwandan refugees in various parts of the world
  4. The issue relating to FDLR (Forces Démocratiques de Libération du Rwanda)
  5. The next steps/ Action

PlanParticipants welcomed the progress made with regard to the implementation of the agreed action plan and agreed to accelerate the process of putting in place the various organs of the platform in order to improve the quality and impact of its work.
Participants reviewed the issues facing their country Rwanda. Their assessment showed a completely different picture from what is portrayed by the Rwandan regime; suffice to mention some of the serious concerns that include: growing impoverishment of the masses under the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), gross violations of human rights that have become a pattern in the system of government, forced disappearances of citizens, arbitrary arrests and extra judicial executions, death threats against critics of the government who were lucky to flee the country,  lack of freedom of expression and assembly and a growing numbers of people fleeing the country to swell the numbers of Rwandans already in exile.In their discussion, participants examined with due diligence the plight of refugees who are persistently subjected to harassment and persecution in their country of asylum on instigation of the Rwandan regime, especially in African countries like the DRC and Zambia or even in some Western countries.

The participants strongly condemned the irresponsible actions of the RPF regime and pledged to redouble efforts of their organisations in advocating for better protection of Rwandan refugees. The problem has become more acute than ever before following the decision of the regime to increase the numbers of its staff in its major embassies in countries that gave asylum to many Rwandans, with the aim of destabilizing refugees.

As made public in its previous news releases about the FDLR, the participants noted with regret the fact that President Paul Kagame regime has taken the lead in mobilizing the international community to spill the blood of its citizens, Rwandan refugees in the DRC under the pretext of eradicating the FDLR, an organisations that has been seeking political dialogue. Instead of reaching out to them and inviting then to a roundtable to find a peaceful solution for the return of refugees in a humane manner, the RPF regime has opted for a betrayal of its own people by asking the international community to carry out the dirty job of exterminating innocent Rwandan refugees and Congolese unarmed civilians. The Platform feels that the situation has gone beyond the acceptable limits of humanity.

At the end of the meeting the participants adopted an Action Plan with a view to accelerate the pace of the process of ending the RPF dictatorial regime of RPF and hence free the population from its grip.

The Platform strongly appeals to all Rwandans and all the people that cherish the values of peace and freedom to shed off their fears and work together to put an end to the autocratic and repressive regime in Rwanda.


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