Rwanda: Eviction threat to FDU member Theophile Ntirutwa

Kigali, 02 October 2012

The local administration and members of the paramilitary militia known as “local defense” intruded the home of Mr. Theophile Ntirutwa, located in Nyarutarama (Kangondo II , Remera sector, Gasabo district) and took him to Nyarutarama police custody for a few hours. His house was sealed off and was ordered to pay Frw 20,000 and told to get out of that area. Apparently this happened after he turned down money collectors from Agaciro development fund, the controversial fund set to pump money from the population to compensate the delayed budget aid in light to overwhelming information that Rwanda is backing M23 rebels in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

8 other FDU-Inkingi members from Rutsiro district have been illegally detained since 15 September 2012. The first lawyer dropped the case after police intimidation. A new defense lawyer, Emmanuel Bimenyimana, took the case but when he reached Nyabirasi detention centre he realised that a kangaroo court has been arranged without any defense, any family member. On 27 September 2012, the Karongi Intermediate Court denied bail and ordered a 30 day-provisional detention in the central prison of Gisovu. A bail appeal has been lodged today. Up to date the Karongi intermediate court has refused to issue a copy of the ruling on the case against FDU-members Mutuyimana Anselme, Uwiringiyimana venuste, Ufitamahoro Norbert, Dukundane Moise, Twizerimana Valens, Nahimana Marcel, Byukusenge Emmanuel and Gasengayire Leonille.


Boniface Twagirimana

Interim Vice president



  1. If the new lawyer is the son of Bimenyimana Andre who is in 1930 Central prison is also nothing He can do for the case.The lawyer Emmanuel Bimenyimana is 100% intore trained by RPF at Gabiro and walking for RPF with his entire family i.e his brother Eric Mutabazi Bimenyimana,Uwayo Assumpta in Imbuto Foundation and Noella Uwisanze at MAGERWA-AIRPORT.
    RPF are using them inside the hutus cicle and saying that their father is in jail for having more information to give to RPF. You may cross checking this information regarding their brother in law who maried Noella uwisanze.
    Please don’t give any money to this lawyer Emmanuel Bimenyimana if is the one described above.

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