RWANDA: FDLR condemn the assassination of of Révocat Karemangingo

Révocat Karemangingo was the treasurer of the refugee association in Mozambique

By Erasme Rugemintwaza

The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) say they are dismayed and condemn with the last energy the cowardly and despicable assassination of Mr. Révocat Karemangingo in Mozambique. What does the press release issued by the FDLR express?

Who is Révocat Karemangingo?

Révocat Karemnagingo was a 54 years old Rwandan Hutu refugee who was living in Mozambique where he settled in Liberdade near the capital Maputo where he was running a thriving pharmaceutical business. He has been a lieutenant of the former Rwandan army (Les Forces Armées Rwandaises (FAR), which was ousted from power by the RPF-Inkotanyi, who broke the Arusha Peace Agreement, after having assassinated President Habyarimana Juvénal. Since their defeat in 1994, many FAR soldiers have remained out of the country, because those who tried to come back in the country have been almost all assassinated on their native hills in the operation RPA(Currently RDF: Rwanda Defense Force) commandos, simulating counter-attacks against the Hutu attackers. Many of the FAR soldiers remained in activity to try in vain to return to Rwanda, but others, like Revocat Karemangingo wisely preferred to keep silent and open another page of life, far from Rwanda but not far from the RPF-Inkotanyi killing machine, which continues to slaughter the Hutu communities, nor far from “Nyamunsi” (The owner of days). Révocat Karemangingo, was the treasurer of the Association of Rwandan Refugees in Mozambique. Let us immediately point out that even, it is said that Karemangingo was not a politician in any opposition party, the refugees have always and everywhere formed a radical group against their country of origin, and this by simple logic especially since they have grievances which are at the origin of their situation. The refugees are then potential politicians, ready to do anything to return to their gentle motherland. In addition, Karemangingo was not an ordinary refugee; he has been a lieutenant, in the regime ousted by the RPF-Inkotanyi. Refugees are always in conflict with the official diaspora; the latter, under the patronage of the embassy, ​​has a primary mission to boost diplomatic relations between their country and the host country, while refugees often have an irascible aversion to their country of origin. It is in this antagonistic atmosphere between refugees and the official diaspora that Révocat Karemangingo was brought to justice, but acquitted, for the case of the assassination of Louis Baziga who was representative of the Rwandan diaspora in Mozambique and who was shot dead in Maputo, in 2019. Révocat Karemangingo was then more than targeted by Kigali because he first had the original sin of being Hutu, aggravated by wealth (James Kabarebe had already condemned the Rwandan Hutu refugees from Mozambique to death, because they are rich and ipso facto constitute a danger of the minority Tutsi regime), being a Hutu and rich is once again aggravated by the fact of having been a soldier, and in the was a refugee . The four elements constitute the serious charges before the RPF-Inkotanyi. The sentence is death penalty!

The condemnation of the assassination!

Kigali does not say anything about the assassination of Révocat Karemangingo. Is this an arrogant way expressing that Révocat Karemangingo means nothing before Kigali’s eyes, or to confirm that his hunt will one day or another be revealed as a great achievement by Paul Kagame, as he did for Patrick Karegeya? And the International Community, too, is silent! A silence of complicity, or consternation? Who knows?

As for the Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR), they condemn this assassination which follows other committed against Rwandan refugees in Africa and around the world. The world is silent because it seems accustomed to this infernal cycle of Hutu massacres, for 27 years already. Who will forget 8,000 Hutus massacred in Kibeho camp of displaced persons, in the presence of international organizations. Who will forget the assassination of Hutu Catholic Bishops in Kabgayi that even the Vatican has never dared to condemn?

The FDLR strongly condemns all these crimes against Rwandans, whether from the interior or against refugees. And FDLR demand that justice should prosecute the murderers. The FDLR therefore addresses various actors, reminding them of their responsibility for the protection of human rights in general and particularly the protection of people in special and critical situations such as refugees.

To the international community

The FDLR note with regret the lack of protection for Rwandan refugees by some host countries. And this has become intolerable since the humanitarian disaster in the Hutu refugee camps in Zaire. The RPF-Inkotanyi on the shoulders of certain great powers destroy the camps of these Hutu refugees to finally drive them out and slaughter them savagely in the forests. The roadmap of this military campaign which begun by slaughtering Hutus will end up in the Presidency of Zaire, in the Central Bank of gold bars and in the mines of Katanga! The Mapping Report on this Rwandan-Congolese genocide in now 11 years old, kept in the drawers of the UN. Since this unspeakable manhunt, the genocide plan of the RPF regime to slowly kill the Hutus until their total extermination has continued, inexorably. Paul Kagame does say it always publically. One day, Kagame said that if they (The Tutsi) want to do genocide against the Hutus, they would do it perfectly, because they have the means. This reminds what he said by analogy: using a spoon one can, in the long run, empty a whole barrel filled with water. The FDLR ask the International Community, Human Rights Organizations defenders, the High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to ensure the protection of these refugees threatened to be exterminated. And especially that everyone be aware of this maddening plan to exterminate the Hutus or reduce them to sub-humans.

To Mozambique

The FDLR alert the countries hosting the Rwandan refugees, to ensure their protection. Mozambique must especially, even if it benefits from the intervention of Rwanda, know that the Rwandan refugees constitute the target number of the Rwandan military contingent, because these refugees constitute the obsession of Kigali, and have been repeatedly and publicly cited as danger of the Kigali regime. Mozambique would then have to restrict and confine the Rwandan Contingent’s manoeuvres in the insurgent provinces and watch over the Rwandan embassy’s manoeuvres. Because diplomats accredited to Maputo are “terminators” sent to destabilize this peaceful community of Hutu refugees in Mozambique.

To refugees

The FDLR advises Rwandan refugees wherever they are to remain vigilant and united in self-defense, to exchange security information and to work closely with host countries for their protection. Ultimately, they must work for their speedy and dignified return to their motherland. It is necessary to set up a system of patrolling both day and night around their villages, their homes, because werewolves, sent by Kagame prowl there. Because with its money, its blackmail, its beautiful girls of slay-queens, Kigali seems to have acquired the permit from the International Community to kidnap, and kill Hutu, and whoever, whenever and wherever it wants. Forewarned is forearmed!