Rwanda: Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne Delivered Another Major Speech Before She was Arrested

By David Himbara

I want to tell you that my patience has expired. I can no longer keep silent as long as the people of God are being killed, that is quite impossible, I can no longer stand it…We must fight for democracy, not with guns or any other metallic tools, not even with sticks, but with just these Bibles. If you can’t find a Bible, bring a song book. We will fight with our Bible, which is the gun of the word of God.”

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Good afternoon, Ladies and gentlemen Rwandans, friends of Rwanda, my lovely friends, I greet you on this day of February 15, 2021… Many of you kept questioning the words I uttered, words I used in different videos, words that raised much criticism, people trying to interpret it as they want, today, I came to explain systematically all the words I used, in the same order I used, to tell you the real truth behind the words I used. The reasons why I firstly said it in a sophisticated way was that it goes straight to the concerned and that the latter correct it before it necessarily goes to the public. The concerned have not wanted to correct it, that is why I am coming to tell you clearly how things are.

It is now over, I want to tell you that my patience expires, I can no longer keep silence as long as the people of God are being killed, that is quite impossible, I can no longer stand it! I really fail in keeping patience. So, as I fail, I am going to reveal all of it, to state it openly, being ready for any potential consequences that are going to follow in a very short moment.

I have been accused of many things, they have accused me of denying genocide, to see if they can mask real things I have revealed, for they are accustomed to dividing Rwandans, so that those to whom the message is sent do not get me. Dear victims, dear brothers and sisters, I want to truly tell you that, I, Idamange whom you see here, I don’t deny the genocide, let me repeat it, whether you accept it or not, I am a survivor of the genocide, I cannot deny it, if I deny it I would be a stupid person, I can’t even understand any person who can deny it. What I don’t accept is one thing, we make it a pretext for the interests of a small group of individuals, who just want to betray the children of Rwandan and make them ducks. That is what I can no longer stand!

If you follow my background, my Education, the schools I have studied in, in all the life I went through, there is no way I would be denying the genocide and dare to be in front of people and say it! For what reasons? I would have kept quiet! I really do not deny the genocide! Karasira does not deny the genocide, rather, we are franc people who can tell the truth we have seen, and from this we are accused of denying the genocide, in order to separate us from other fellow survivors, so that they don’t know the truth, in order to separate us from other fellow Rwandans so that they don’t know the truth.

They threw so many stones at me, they considered me as those who were killing people during the genocide, later they accepted that I am a survivor, later they brought women whose origin I ignore so that they come and testify that I am not a survivor of the genocide, later they did the best they could and said that even if I saw my father, my grandparent was not a survivor,….so many things, I don’t care about that, I just want to tell you that, what I care about today is not being a survivor, it’s being a Rwandan. A Rwandan who defends the peace of Rwandans, whether they are survivors, whether other Rwandans who are not survivors but who live in Rwanda, whether they are Rwandans from abroad but who are morally hurt as we are.

Do you get me? I am not in ethnic matters, I have overcome that, because I have already seen that the problem we have in the country has nothing to do with ethnic matters, but it’s a problem of a small group of thieves, who want to rule others by force, and who are doing their best to ensure we are divided, so as to separate each one from each one, so that we cannot meet and share ideas, why do you see that? Why don’t you see that? If the Government of Rwanda loves survivors up to a point of establishing SENERGI, what is the importance of SENERGI for them apart from lying? Surviving children who are in universities, go to Butare, I did that study, go to Butare, they are the ones who attend poor restaurants, because they delay sending them school fees, so that they oblige them to feed them on credit in those poor restaurants, that they themselves own. They are the children who live in miserable conditions, go and carry out the study on what I said. If I said that we lived miserable lives, that they did not do to us what was necessary while money was flowing in, money for everything, even for the genocide memorials, what did I lie by saying that they are selling bodies of individuals? Who does not know, which intelligent individual ignores that the government of Rwanda, the government of those wicked people ruling us sells bodies of individuals even in Monuments? Who doesn’t know that? Didn’t they recently issue a communication, informing the foreigners that, “even if you’re not coming, kindly send money so that we deal with cleanliness in the genocide memorials… no no…who you are fooling? Don’t you bury yours and let them rest? Why didn’t you bury ours and let their bodies rest? Why can’t genocide memorials remain there and there be put materials they were using while killing people during the genocide!

Then, people could visit memorials and know that there has been a genocide in Rwanda, and memorials are places that we all visit with flowers, but having not necessarily to see bones of people, bodies of ours ranged on shelves as sugar to be sold. Why can’t that hurt you! Why don’t you have your eyes open to see? Hasn’t there been a genocide in the Jews? Don’t they go and visit memorials? But they do not necessarily take the bodies of theirs and range them on shelves? They should bury ours and let them rest! They should bury ours and let them rest and stop those games of exposing them so that people come……let me ask you now, can someone say that I feel pain, let me take flowers and go to remember mine? How that? How? We get hurt from all of that! Even if you see that many are silent, even if there are those you are using who don’t know yet your strategies, who are still in the trash, I am no longer in that trash and that is why you are saying that I deny the genocide, Karasira is no longer in that trash and that is why you said that he is denying the genocide, Kizito went out of that trash and that is why you killed him! We can no longer stand that! And others and others, we can no longer stand that!

I want to tell you that, whether they are survivors, whether they are any Rwandan, in me, what count is only that they are human beings, children of Rwanda, having the blood of Rwanda, I don’t want anyone to be persecuted, I don’t want anyone to be left behind, I don’t want anyone to have rights inferior to those of others! We all must be equal! Equal! The problem of these people is this craziness of wanting to divide people! This and the other, that and this, etc. I told you that I will never run away from Rwanda, I will stay here until you either put me in jail or kill me! No problem!

I was born among you, I came knowing you! Why don’t you think about it! If they had seen that I had denied genocide, were they going to insult me on social media or they were going to arrest me! As that is a crime, why weren’t they going to arrest me and I could go to the court and undergo trial? What they were doing was just to silent me, the problem is that they found out that I have the mission that brought me, I knew where all my opponents would come from and He who gave me my mission is stronger than them! He is stronger than you! I love Rwanda, I love Rwandans, I told you that, even if you shed my blood, I will never betray Rwandans, never! Whether you jail me in your dark places where you execute people! Let me now calm down and tell you the good truth, our hearts are rotten! Our hearts are rotten! You always spend killing our people, always, aligning deaths, but let me ask you dear survivors, if really the government loves you, if they really love survivors, SENERGI has no importance! That Center should close doors! That Center should close doors! It should close doors and leave the country because it is doing nothing!

A Center that claims to defend survivors while it is not true! Where do ours go? Where do ours go? Tell me! Tell me, all of you, is there anything you don’t know? Don’t we know how RWIGARA Assinapol was killed? Is there any Rwandan who does not know him? Wasn’t he taken out by MUGISHA, the one who was coming to take me out so that they kill me? Why don’t you really open your eyes? Why was RWIGARA Assinapol killed? They destroyed his house, did the worst they could to him, wrongly jailed his family members, where were we? Why don’t we see? Why don’t we change our mindset? Where is MAKONENE? I am still asking you! There are those who say that he died being in the forest, whatever, was he serving Immaculate in charge of transparency? Wasn’t he serving her? Immaculate, where is MAKONENE? I can’t insult each other with you because I was educated! I don’t insult people like you, an old woman, in charge of Transparency who ignores your responsibility! You ignore your responsibility and spend time insulting your own child on social media!

Uh! Tell me, where is MAKONENE who was your employee! We are tired of these deaths of time to time. Where is Nyamata? Where is Mirimo who recently died and was slaughtered? What don’t you really know? Where is Rwarukamba? There has been sayings that he has committed suicide, so many things, that he shot at himself; you tortured him. Can you tell me how can someone shoot at himself twice? Where are we really going? Where is Muco? You said that he slid and fell down, how come? That is an old debate!

That is an old debate! Recently you definitely killed our people, again, you killed Kizito Mihigo! I told you, even if you kill me Idamange, another me will be born! Let me tell you, you won’t even be able to kill me! Balam was sent to damn the people of God, and once arrived there, instead of damning them, he began blessing them, saying that he looked at them and realized they make a unique people, who don’t get attack other peoples. There is a particular people! I told you that if you dare kill me, you will see! I told you that if times become tough I will even shoot! Now is the time, I will shoot!! (Lifting the bible). I am going to shoot so that you let the people of God free, so that you let Rwandans have peace! So that you let Rwandans be independent, I order you, to free them!

Free the people of God! Free them! Free them!! Those you killed are enough! Those you kidnapped and said that they disappeared are enough! Where is Bahati? Where is he? You say that he disappeared, where are those people who disappear? Does the Rwandan land swallow people? Where do they really go?

Transparency Rwanda, close your door! Close! We no longer need you! What does it do? What does it do! There has been no single day on which it gave a report that there has been a missing person and the Government of Rwanda is involved in it! How many people are missing every day! Do they matter for you? You just sit in offices and get the government salaries, just doing nothing!!

Hahahaaa! Now your secrets are revealed! They are revealed!! It’s time now! It’s time, this is the final, let the people of God be free! Let the Rwandans be free, we are tired of that! Besides, not only survivors are killed! You kill even others! It’s because you don’t know that! All this blood that covers your hands, is coming back with serious consequences to you in very few minutes! To tell you the truth, they do not only kill survivors, the problem is that you are blinded by them and you do not open your eyes to see, you just continue supporting a small group of wrongdoers, they will kill you all! They will kill you all! Why was Alexia Mpende killed? How can a young girl be killed just because she is loved? A very young girl, just being prevented from her right to life! Eh! We are tired of your issues!

Why was the sister of Rwigema killed? Someone who fought for the country, but the reward you just give him is to go and kill his sister a tragic death and you even forbade people not to go to bury her! You supernatural are criminals! Then, even Jacques Msemakweli you have killed him!! Please, stop those killings! You refused to stop killing people peacefully, but now it’s over, stop killing people in Rwanda, we are tired of that! I can’t call it genocide, I can’t neither call it massacre, and it’s something else I don’t know!

You arrest people, you go to jail them in dark places, you kill them using hammers, children of Rwanda! Today you’re not going to fight with Rwandans, you are going to fight with the almighty God! Then, I order you to let the people of god be free because it is over now, it is over!! It is over!!! You exaggerated and overstepped our red lines! You’re the ones to over step them, and just pretend to care for us by establishing so called organizations like the SENERGI! You accuse me of denying the genocide, that I climbed an unclimbable tree, let me tell you that it can be climbed!! I climbed it to show you that there is no single tree that cannot be climbed by the Almighty because he is the strongest of all others!!

Let me tell you something else, many people began asking me, ‘why did you say that the country of Rwanda is like sheep without a shepherd?’ This is what I am going to explain to you, I know that so many are curious to know that, Rwanda is like sheep without a shepherd! Let me then explain to you! You Rwandans you make me laugh! When you look well, do you realize that this country has no president? The so called president died long ago, we are led by a corpse! Listen, we are tired of being led by the corpse of Paul Kagame, we are really tired of that!! For we are alive, no corpse can lead living people, please carry your corpse and go to search for where to bury it! Or, do whatever you want with it, it’s yours, that’s none of my business!

Stop making us be led by a corpse! Those videos you bring and post and people sing that they see him, he that has become very rare, hahahah, do you know how long it’s been, I know it very well, I know it, there is a priest who said it, there are even others who said it, I have sufficient information, untold information, please, Kabarebe, General kabarebe, I beseech you to release that information! You are part of people who fought for the country, you wanted to free Rwandans so that they have peace, General Kabarebe, I beseech you, reveal those secrets!!

Reveal those secrets!! Until when will you lead us with a corpse? You just spend using people like Christophe, that you are organizing broadcasts, please, we are tired of that!! Stop!!! We have been led by a living president, but the ghost should go and lead other ghosts! No ghost can lead living beings, we are tired of that!

General James Kabarebe, I repeat it for you, please, be patient and be brave for only once, but free the people of Rwanda! Just tell the truth! Why do you keep hiding that someone has died! Until when will this last? Dear army of Rwanda, I am not talking to James Kabarebe only! Dear army of Rwanda, Generals and all your subordinates, I am not going to indicate all your positions, but, be aware that you are the army of Rwanda, and not the army of Kagame only! Know how to distinguish things, you are the army of the country, and if you too don’t want to be the army of the country, you can go and become the army of your corpse! We cannot stay in these things! The police of the country, you should change the program! Change! Change! Change!

The police of Rwanda, the army of Rwanda, react and search for what to do! You are the army of the country, serve the country and not an individual person! You have to do something to give Rwandans peace, do something! It’s time! It’s time that you do something, we are very tired of it, and we can’t stay in it, any longer! Do something! All those in charge of security, wherever you are, please, do something! His wife refused to announce it, his children refused to announce it, then, how is it going to be? Then do we continue being led by a corpse? The corpse should go and lead the dead!

We are alive, we do not have to be led by a corpse, we refuse the Government that kills people and divides them for their own interests so that we do not understand them. I came being on a mission, let me tell you that your time is over, I repeat it, and your time is over!! Your time is over!! If I am to advice you, please, organize well things, otherwise, let me tell you the truth, you should step aside, because we no longer need that you lead us, we don’t need leaders who are just there to clap hands, who have no value for the country, those are not leaders! You are producing nothing, no production, those are not leaders!

You are just playing in this country, you don’t know it, it’s a country that is led by thieves, criminals, we are just sitting in the fire, and it’s only that the Lord is protecting us from fire, otherwise, we are sitting in the fire. If you were to be enabled to understand the stories of these people, if it’s possible, we could even run away from the country today, but we will no longer flee the country, rather, they should run themselves! They should take the way and leave! They decided to hurt me on social media, and when they saw that I did not care about it, they decided to come and buy me, hahahahaaaa, you are crazy, buying Idamange! Without knowing he who sent me, without knowing my mission, buying me!

You are crazy! You bought many people, I am not an item for sale! I have a record! They sent someone called Bamporiki, he came at my house twice, on Thursday and on Saturday, requesting that we meet, but I refused! Asking me what I want to keep quiet, to keep quiet so that Rwandans keep perishing, do you know what I responded to them? I told them that it should be defeated by the Lord! As Naboth said that the fact of selling their tradition should be defeated by the Lord, I too, told them that it should be defeated by the Lord, playing over the blood of Rwandans! I have the mission to help them, and I told you that if need be I will even die for them providing that they get peace, because I stood up knowing how tough the situation is, knowing all the plans of those criminals!

I tell you that it should be defeated by the Lord, selling the children of Rwanda, so that they remained enslaved, that you give me nice cars, good houses, which should be defeated by the Lord!

But, whether you keep quiet or not, they will kill you, that is how they proceed in Rwanda, I know it very well! You keep quiet or not, they will kill you, that is an issue that will only be discussed within one week and it will be over. I am not afraid of death, I am neither afraid of handcuffs as I told you. They saw Idamange denying the genocide, and instead of jailing her, they went to buy her. If I was guilty, and as I had given them my address, why didn’t they come and arrest me so that they take me to court, why did they search for ways to buy me? I am not an article for sale! They just wanted me to accept to go to my channel and tell people that I was mistaken…hahaha, if I was mistaken, does God get mistaken too? I told them that I can’t do that!

Then, as we are talking now, they had prohibited me to dare give any other video! That is why, I recently gave a prayer one, being very humble, so that they see that I had got their message so that they do not kill me before I give them this message, because they are far from being more intelligent than me! I am not boasting, but if they were more intelligent than I am, they would not have dared to come and buy me! I just let them do whatever they want, but I said that I can’t accept whatever they can envisage to give me! I told them that God has got everything, He has all the money I need, I don’t need to be rewarded by RPF, and I want to be rewarded by the Heavenly Father! But I wanted to show them that I will stop posting the videos, I asked the permission to post the prayer one, I did it being very humble, you saw that I even automatically left the camera so that I might not have a grudge, and subsequently they see it and kill me before I give this message.

My objective was that they kill me after having freed you from the confusion, so that if they kill me and there is another one who dares to stand up and sacrifice themselves for others, they should know where to start and where to finish! But as far as I am concerned, the gun I have now, I can’t die before I shoot with it! (lifting the bible). I told you that, if it becomes tough, I will shoot. Now, let me tell you dear Rwandans, during the slavery, the Israelites, were in very miserable conditions, but God looked at Moses and realizes that he is the one who will deliver them from that misery. I have been saying things via proverbs, but I know that those who have been willing to get it, got it. God realized that it’s Moses who will free them from the slavery. Moses had no problem because he was at the King’s palace. He hadn’t lived with them in the slavery, but he had to liberate them. Let me tell you, if Moses had to refuse to deliver them, if he were to be bought by the Pharaoh, so far, the Israelites would still be in slavery! They would still be ducks, even their grand grand-children, they would still be enslaved by Pharaoh!

And if Moses had to accept to stand up, and that Israelites were to refuse standing up with Moses, they would have remained in slavery. If Moses was to stand up and Israelites had to commit to their slavery, and refuse to stand up with Moses, until now they would still be slaves! I am talking to many, but I hope those to whom the message is sent have heard it! If I stand up, I need the revolution of Rwanda. I am in the need that Rwandans get together and rejoice, get peace without being frightened because of genocide matters and similar things, if Rwandans refuse to stand up with me, in front of the Almighty God, I wash my hands for the mission God gave me, and they will just remain in slavery, without my contribution.

If I were to accept to be bought and go to sit in their good offices, enjoy a very luxurious life, as I want, God would have punished me, because, I would not have completed the work He had given me! Today, I complete the work He gave me, that is why I request you that we have a two day of prayer, so that each one gets to meditate about themselves, about their slavery, that each one feels that they need revolution and get out of the yoke of fear. Each one, wherever you are sleeping, think about it, I do not wish for you to remain in slavery all your lifetime. I do not wish for you to remain in slavery all your lifetime! I wish that you arrive at Canaan, and reap the seeds from there, drink the milk from there, and eat the honey from there, I do not want you to remain in slavery! I do not want you to remain in slavery! But if it’s what you choose, too bad for you! But if it’s not what you choose, kindly stand, and we put our bibles in the front, this is my gun as I told you (lifting a bible), stand up all of you, we put our bibles in the front, those who use the holy Bible, the Koran, each one in accordance with their faith, please, let’s stand up! Let’s stand up! We put our bible in the front, go, and take out the corpse, and announce that we refuse to be led by a corpse! We need a real revolution, and not that fake one they gave us that is only misleading us!

We must fight for democracy, not with guns or any other metallic tools, not even with sticks, but with just these Bibles. If you can’t find a Bible, bring a song book. With will fight with our Bible, which is the gun of the word of God. We go to Rugwiro, so that they give us our Bahati, so that they give us our President, but we do not really want his corpse, it dates from long, it has already rotten, we do not want it, so that they give us the right we want as Rwandans. In the name of Christ, in the power I am given by the Almighty who sent me, I am talking to you the small group on power, I order you to leave power! I order you to step aside, peacefully, so that there be no bloodshed for Rwandans! I repeat once again, I order you to step aside! I shoot now! I shoot! I order you to step aside!! It’s not a request, rather, it’s an obligation, step aside! Go to bury your corpse, or search for elsewhere to take it to, but kindly let the country of our tradition!

We have nowhere to go, Rwandans are tired, and the poor are tired, the widowers are tired, all the categories are tired!!! Stand up then! Stand up on this date of the 16th, we stand up all of us, we go up to Rugwiro, so that they firstly give us our Bahati before they kill him, so that they give us Bahati if they have not yet killed him, even if they have already killed him, they show us his corpse! They must accept that, they will sit down and be judged for our people they killed because they cannot bring them back, they cannot bring back Kizito, they must accept it, and they must repent. They must accept that, from their own mouth, that our country has no president, but is led by a corpse and let us vote for who we want in democracy!

Do you get me? Do you get me small group on power! If you do not step aside, the Almighty is coming to talk to you by Himself! Kindly do that when the situation is not yet worse! And I beseech the soldiers of Rwanda, the police of the country, to ensure the security of any citizen who is going to stand up going to stand for his/her revolution!

Those in Kigali city, we meet at Rugwiro Village. If you are going at 7, at 9, providing that we are all at Rugwiro, at least at 9, and I repeat it, dear army and police of the country, you are requested to guarantee the security of Rwandans who are going to claim their revolution, because you are the army of the Rwandans, and not for a small minority of criminals!

Those in provinces, go to your respective regions till we fight for our democracy! So that we fight for the democracy we do not have now, the democracy that we need, our unity, and avoid their manipulation, avoid how they are dividing us, fight for our rights. Those abroad, do not also just sit! If you sit, God will ask you that! Each person who will not act in favor of this work, each person who will not act in favor of this work, I tell you, God will ask them this, He will make them stay in their individual slavery! Mordecai told Esther that what made you come here at the King’s palace was that you become effective at the right time. It was not that you just come and sit, while your brethren are dying. And if you do nothing, the Jewish people will be saved but you and your house will perish.

I repeat it for you, wherever you are, those who are bound by fear and are afraid to go out, I tell you, whoever will not get involved in this revolution will just look at it from a distance but will not be able to step in. that will not prevent God from saving His people, I tell you. It will not. But whoever will make themselves indifferent, this one will suffer for it, that is why I am urging you to stand up, whether those in Kigali city, in provinces, abroad, we are everywhere in the country.

Each one should then react, because I told you that I used to have this peace. That is why they found no crime to accuse me of and chose to accuse me of denying the genocide, I am a parent and mother of 4 children and there is no one else to take care of them if I die because I accepted to sacrifice my life, to sacrifice my children.

Why don’t I have fear if cars are always dropping by my house and all of you take me as a heroine! Why don’t I have fear! I have no one in the jail, there has been nothing that would have made me so sad, I have been sad just because of bad things that take place within my country, I want that Rwandans get peace, I want them to be free, if it is me that God is using, kindly stand up and support me!

If you do not support me, Gad will not condemn me. If you stay in your slavery, you will just remain there. I am just counting on the Lord and I believe that no one can defeat Him. It is Him who sent me, and He sent me because He knew you! I too knew you.

Be patient, and get rid of that fear, get rid of that think they inculcated in you, that you are not united, and no one should assess someone as a tutsi or a hutu, please act! Army of Rwanda, kindly act and support us! Police of the country, act and support us! If you do not do it, you will suffer, the fire of the Lord will burn you. Those who know that their hands are free of blood, please, act! Stand up and do something!

Now that I have known who I am, that I am the rice that they buy, if tomorrow they come and buy one of us, how will it end! No! No! No! It is time! It is time that all those things end! We want a revolution! We stand up fighting for democracy, we do not stand up breaking things, we do not stand up killing people, we do not stand up doing evil, we refuse that there be another bloodshed in this country, caused by a small group of criminals!

You kill everyone, you’re not afraid of any one! I am not afraid of death! I told you this, I have no fear! This government is now torn apart, I have removed it, using this gun (lifting a bible), this one, what you just see there is not a government, and it’s just a symbol! Then stand up and God will be with us, because He cannot act alone, if we are just seated! And even if you are not going to act, think first about Yvonne, who is still young, not an old woman, who is not suffering from chronic diseases, who does not have any particular problem that would push me to commit suicide, having children who would suffer if I die, having a family, a family that still needs me, my family is always crying, they do not eat, they do not drink, they are in sorrow, always asking what I got involved in, but I cannot be quiet, as long as Rwandan children are victims of injustice, I am sorry, I had no other option, I know I hurt them, but, there was no way to be quiet.

I told them that I am no longer Idamange of my family alone, I am Idamange of my whole country! I know that you need me, but the country needs me as well. And the Father who sent me is Almighty, and I am no longer for the family only, I am for the whole country. (Crying) Why don’t you reflect, do you see that I am in the age of killing? Don’t I need my children? Aren’t they so nice worth being looked after! Why don’t you understand, why don’t you get rid of your fear, as I am not a girl so that you could think that maybe I got tired and I go to commit suicide! Or that if I die no one will suffer, why you don’t think about that! I could have taken everything and set it aside, I had that peace they talk about, but there is no way I could just relax and get asleep while I see the people of God being victimized by injustice.

I am sorry, I am going to end by here, because I feel I am not comfortable, but tomorrow is a D day, we will go at 7, but even those who can go at 6 it’s ok, but kindly let’s meet at Rugwiro by 9. These are our signposts (lifting a bible), others meet in provinces, others search for convenient places, those who are abroad, don’t just sit and eat and sleep just because you are abroad, join us in this battle! Any Rwandan who feels that he/she is not concerned will suffer, they will look at Canaan from a distance but will never put a foot there. I am not the author of what I am saying! Whoever hears it and feels they are not concerned, and says that our fellow Rwandans remain in such a slavery, they will look at it from a distance, but they will never put a foot in the country of Canaan, they will never reap the seeds from there, they will never eat honey from there, they will never drink milk from there!

Each one, let us stand up, maybe they may give Bahati if he is still alive, but we shall leave there having gotten democracy, having gotten democracy!

Thank you very much, as I say it now, it must be on the 13th very early in the morning, sorry, I had forgotten to tell you, just after I leave the camera, it could be possible that they come here and arrest me, but if they arrest me, don’t get discouraged, don’t get discouraged, each area, each region, it’s Idamange, if they arrest me, go ahead, God will be with you, and He won’t even have dropped me!

Thank you very much, I end by here, I can’t tell you many things, only, I tell you this opportunity to say goodbye to you because this may be the last time I appear on the channel, on this social media, because, they warned me that I don’t have to talk again but to keep quiet, if I dare talk again, the following will be to kill me!

They could do it in a good way and see this video that I produce now and see what I have mentioned in it and put me to jail, you hear that coming back would not be possible, but I say good bye to you and I love you so much. I am prepared, you should not worry, I have no fear, I am prepared, I told you that I am not afraid of the prison at all, because I am prepared to all of that! The prison does not really frighten me!

There is he who puts me in jail, and He who is above all! Death does not also frighten me, if I were to be afraid of God, I would not come here, to talk about this. And I repeat it, I am not a politician, I am not even know in the history of Rwanda. I have no political party, and I am not even intending to create one. I am not the kind of person to rebel the citizens as they called it to see how to accuse me, rather I am the kind of person who fights for the rights of citizens. Thank so very much, may you live long, may God bless you and strengthen you in all you do. Amen!