5 Factors that Make an Online Casino Trustworthy

Is it safe to trust online casinos or are those who enjoy online poker or blackjack just a step away from having their personal information stolen? Unfortunately, there are a lot of gambling platforms out there that are just smokescreens for scams. You may gamble but you will never win as the games are completely rigged, or, even worse, the software is designed to steal your credit card information so that scammers can empty your bank account. However, not all online casinos are like this. In fact, there is a wide range of perfectly safe, reliable, trustworthy platforms that offer an amazing gambling experience. So, how can you tell which is which? Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing an online casino for yourself. 


If you are able to make quick withdrawals through trusted payment methods such as PayPal, the casino is probably legit. If, on the other hand, it takes weeks for the site to pay a withdrawal and it seems you can never get your hands on the money, you should find a new place to play casino games. After all, if you play to win cash prizes, what’s the point in playing if you are not able to cash out your winnings? Therefore, when you play online casino games, be on the lookout for slow payments, low max withdrawals, and bogus bonuses. If you notice any suspicious activity, move on. There are plenty of trustworthy casinos out there, so don’t waste your time and money on unreliable ones. 

Handy reviews

There are so many forums online where you can look for useful reviews written by satisfied or angry players. By going through these, you will quickly realize whether a certain platform has a good reputation or has left its clients with a bitter taste in their mouth. In addition, there are also various sites that offer professional reviews. For example, if you wish to know whether an online casino has a valid license, live chat feature, or offers a VIP treatment you can check it out here. Reputable sites have many satisfied customers, some of which have written great reviews, so if you cannot find anything online about a certain casino like it just popped up from out of nowhere, do not play in it.


Most gamblers who play online casino games are concerned with identity theft. In order to ensure your safety and peace of mind, reputable sites have cutting-edge security technology like SSL certificates and 128-bit encryption. If you still do not feel completely comfortable, instead of leaving your credit card number, you can make payments and deposits through e-wallets such as Neteller, Paypal casino or Skrill. 

Great Customer Service

Customer service is there to ensure that clients feel comfortable and safe while playing in an online casino, and to solve any problems that might occur. If you are not able to contact customer service and therefore find help when you need it, there is a chance that the website is not legit. Trustworthy online casinos offer 24/7 online customer support, as well as Live Chat support, and calls.

Live dealer

This is not a must-have option, but many professional online casinos offer live dealer interaction. That means that instead of interacting with a computer system, you will get to talk to a real person who will deal the cards and make sure everything is in order.

Maybe looking for a trustworthy online casino seems like too much work, but with just a quick search online you can get a general idea of which sites you should avoid and which offer fair play.