Rwanda National Congress strongly condemns abductions of Rwandan refugees from neighboring countries. According to an eye witness, last week Mr. Nturugiribambe Crysostome, a Rwandan who lived in Kenya was abducted by armed personnel in Kenyan Police uniforms.

Last year in November, a similar incident occurred in Kenya against another Rwandan Emile AKA Gafirita, who was waiting to be transported to France, where he expected to testify on the shooting down of President Habyarimana’s jet. In 2013 a number of Rwandan refugees including Lt. Joel Mutabazi, who were living in Uganda, were abducted by Rwandan security operatives.

Rwanda National Congress calls on countries hosting Rwandan refugees especially neighboring countries to be aware of Rwanda’s involvement in abducting refugees, and whenever possible to take steps to protect refugees. Rwanda National Congress reminds Rwandan refugees abroad to know their surroundings and report to local authorities suspicious activities against refugees.

Additionally, Rwanda National Congress asks refugees hosting countries that in case refugees are accused of crimes, to investigate and prosecute them in the host countries because Rwanda does not have fair, impartial and independent justice.

Rwanda National Congress takes this opportunity to remind the government of Rwanda and the International Community that it will continue to advocate for Rwanda’s people’s rights until Rwandans are free from a dictatorship.

For your convenience, I have attached the most recent U.S. Department country report on Rwanda.

Jean Paul Turayishimye

Rwanda National Congress, Spokesperson

July 07,2015