Members of Rwanda National Congress who gathered here at The University of Witswatersrand, Johannesburg reiterated their commitment and determination to find the lasting solution to their homeland dictatorship!

Mr Frank Ntwali who co-ordinate the RNC activities on the African continent, gave the audience a summary of what the organization has achieved so far and shared his views on the next phase of consolidating the gains achieved and the way forward for the organisation!

He emphasized on the need for the membership and Rwandan community at large to ask themselves the tough questions,and instead of asking what their fellow citizens are doing about the need to build a momentum that will eventually bring changes in their homeland,but rather posing the same question to themselves individually! The audiance were excited to see their fellow comrade(Ntwali Frank) who survived an assassination attempt last month being as vibrant and in good health as ever.

Pastor Andre Munonoka who prayed for the gathering reminded those who were there that they should not fear because theirs is a just cause and indeed the truth they stand for will eventually free our people from the york of injustice and massive disregard of human life that prevails in Rwanda.

Colonel Patrick Karegeya who also graced the occasion, spoke on the need for the Rwanda National Congress branches to take arobust role in formulating policies and determine the direction that the organization should take particularly young people who are the future of RNC!

This meeting was also attended by RNC leader in Malawi,Bwana Shyaka Telesphore.

Ben Rwarinda.


  1. Bravo RNC.Ndagirango mbameneyeshe ko hano i Rwanda tubategereje kugirango RNC ibone umwnya mu nteko ishinga amategeko.Ese muri mo kubitekerezaho?Jye mbasabye ko mumfasha ngatanga candidature mu mwanya wa RNC.Uyu Pastor Munonoka ndanamusuhuje cyane kuko twari kumwe mu mabuso ya Criminologie kwa Kayitankore Celestin mu 1996.
    Hanyuma uyu musaza Karegeya nakomereze aho,bisanzwe bizwi ko ari umuhanga.Ariko icyo nsaba RNC(Africa) niduhe umwanya wo guhura nabo tuganire.Niyo twahurira muri RDC(Kamanyola) cyangwa Tanzaniya.

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