RWANDA: The political opponent Hakuzimana Abdul Rachid arrested!

Abdul Rachid Hakuzimana

By Erasme Rugemintwaza

According to the website of the Rwandan Bureau of Investigation (RIB), this Thursday, October 28, 2021, the RIB arrested a political opponent, Abdul Rachid Hakuzimana.

On the RIB Tweeter account we can read:
“Today, the RIB arrested Hakuzimana Abdou Rashid for denial and revisionism of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis and for sowing division among Rwandans.”

This Monday, October 25, 2021, the RIB had summoned the politician Abdul Rachid Hakuzimana for Wednesday October 27, 2021; but the information which reaches The Rwandan, announces that he did not appear at the office of RIB because he did not find a lawyer to assist him in the interrogation.

The arrest of Abdul Rachid Hakuzimana, a well-known politician on various YouTube sites and his own channel Rachid TV, came after what appeared to be a rallying cry from people ordinarily known as extremists pro-Kigali regime including Tom Ndahiro and others who demanded his arrest on social media, especially Twitter. Thus. the RIB has been criticized by many Rwandans who wonder if an institution like it operates under the instigation of such people who are famously known for their hardline and intolerance.

The RIB goes on to say, “The decision to arrest him was made after an interview with him was held to warn him of the crimes and the risks he runs. But he didn’t want to understand.”

RIB confirmed his detention, stating: “He is currently being held at the Kicukiro RIB station while the investigation is underway to ensure that the case is ultimately referred to court according to law.

At the end of its message, RIB seemed to be giving advice: “The Constitution of Rwanda gives every Rwandan the right to express his opinion, but no one has the right to use it to sow division among Rwandans or do any other prejudiviable acts. “

This arrest comes after several other people have already been arrested, for similar allegations, or there have been some kidnapping, while others have been warned about the use of the YouTube channel. They are in particular Aimable Karasira, Yvonne Idamange, Gilbert Shyaka, Innocent Bahati, without forgetting the journalist Théoneste Nsengimana and members of the DALFA-Umurinzi party who have also started to appear in court.

Analysts of the situation in Rwanda these days agree that it is clear to everyone that there is a firm will of the government and its cronies to muzzle the independent media and anyone who dares to criticize the government.

It is clear to everyone that sooner or later no journalist, political opponent or activist will be able to open his mouth in Rwanda.