“When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”: When Kagame fights political battles using rape cases, it is the women used that suffer.

It is common for Kagame to use “rape”, “corruption” and/or “genocide denial” charges” to silence his political opponents. In all these cases, President Paul Kagame finds false witnesses to “pin down” his political opponents. Analysts rarely dwell on the traumatic experience false witnesses go through. Who wants to falsely accuse her innocent former teacher of rape, like in Narigwa Muthoni Fiona v Christopher Kayumba “rape” case? Who wants to testify against close friend in a trumped rape case like in Uruhisho Benita v Ambassador Eugene Gasana? The list goes on and on. In some cases, Kagame’s false witnesses, in his political survival battles, are close family friends to the people that are falsely accused of rape, corruption and/or genocide denial. No organizations in the country offers rehabilitation or therapy services to these false witnesses.

In all cases, the false witnesses are initially cheated that their identity and false testimonies will not be revealed. However, some government agents handling those cases leak everything to the general public especially because President Paul Kagame has very many enemies within his government. No witness in President Paul Kagame’s cases against his political opponents remained anonymous.

Narigwa Muthoni Fiona, the slay queen that President Paul Kagame government used in a trumped up rape case against Dr. Christopher Kayumba, did not remain anonymous as she had been promised. Dr. Christopher was framed with rape charges a day after he announced that he had formed a new opposition political party. Ms. Narigwa Muthoni Fiona was apparently Dr. Christopher Kayumba’s close friend. Ms. Narigwa was Dr. Christopher Kayumba’s former student at the National Universty of Rwanda. Clearly, the State coerced Ms. Narigwa to falsely accuse Dr. Christopher of rape. Days after RIB created the rape story which Ms Narigwa was clearly forced to memorize, some elements in President Paul Kagame’s government leaked the entire “rape” dossier to the general public. The leaked dossier exposed Ms Narigwa’s troubled life. Everything about Ms Nariga’s secret life became public knowledge. Dr. Christopher Kayumba is now in prison. However, Ms. Narigwa became the “grass” that suffers when elephants fight. It’s unknown how Ms. Narigwa is dealing with that traumatic experience.

Uruhisho Benita v Ambassador Eugene Gasana rape case is not different. When President Paul Kagame issued INTERPOL Red Notice, targeting Ambassador Gasana, it is unlikely that Ms. Uruhisho Benita expected that the entire INTERPOL dossier would be leaked. While it is unknown who leaked Ms Urihisho Benita v Ambassador Eugene Gasana INTERPOL dossier, there is no doubt that government agents, foreign government or Rwanda government agents, leaked Ms Uruhisho INTERPOL dossier. No private person or organization has access to INTERPOL data base. The leak was by a government agent with INTERPOL data base password. Did President Paul Kagame government promise Ms. Uruhisho that her false testimony and identity would remain a anonymous?

As early as December 2020, Ms Uruhisho v Ambassador Eugene Gasana INTERPOL dossier was all public. The world got to know the true Uruhisho Benita, a person struggling with alcohol, lesbianism, critical financial issues, defiled or sexually abused at a very early stage of her life, among other serious personal problems. Ms. Uruhisho was the “grass” that suffers when elephants fight. There is no public information that Ms Uruhisho got rehab or therapy assistance to overcome that traumatic experience.