The Unified Democratic Forces (FDU Inkingi), a political party opposed to the Rwandan ruling party, RPF regime, strongly condemns the continuing violence carried out by the regime against Rwandan citizens.

On May 29, 2017, FDU Inkingi issued a statement condemning the extortion of money from Rwandans which consists of instructing all employees in both the public and private sectors to pay 50% of their wages to support the candidacy of President Paul Kagame, chairman of the ruling RPF party, for the flawed presidential elections scheduled for August 4, 2017.

The FDU Inkingi has learnt from reliable sources that the internal intelligence services are targeting a certain Ngaboyamahina François, a teacher at the Gasovu Primary School, Gasovu village, Kanyana cell, Rugendabari sector, Muhanga district in the southern province, for having confided to friends that he would not vote for President Kagame at the next presidential elections.

Upon hearing this information, one of his friends rushed to alert an Internal Intelligence Officer (NISS), Gasana Alfred. The latter immediately called Rugendabari police instructing them to immediately arrest Mr. Ngaboyamahina. Mr. Gasana gave specific instructions to the police, saying: “as soon as you have arrested him, you will inform him of the reasons for his arrest, then ask him what he expects to be his punishment “. The police quickly executed the instructions by arresting Mr. Ngaboyamahina and asked him the key question, as recommended by the intelligence officer.

Fortunately, taking advantage of a small distraction of the police, Mr. Ngaboyamahina Francois slipped away and escaped from their hands. He is now being hunted down by the police and intelligence services for nearly two months as if he were a criminal.

Yet the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda provides in Article 8 (3) that “all Rwandan citizens of both sexes who fulfil the requirements provided for by the law have the right to vote and to be elected”. Better still, under Article 9: ” The State of Rwanda commits itself to conform to the following fundamental principles and to promote and enforce the respect thereof:   including among other things (4): building a state governed by the rule of law, a pluralistic democratic government, equality of all Rwandans and between women and men reflected by ensuring that women are granted at least thirty per cent of posts in decision making organs;”

Therefore, Mr. Ngaboyamahina did not commit any offense to be so mistreated. On the contrary, Mr Gasana Alfred and the involved police officers of Rugendabari should rather be prosecuted for violating the Rwandan Constitution.

FDU Inkingi is deeply indignant at the irresponsible behaviour of those who claim to be responsible for people’s security and should be protecting citizens, to be instead causing them insecurity.

The behaviour of the security services again demonstrates that the Rwandan regime is indeed a state party and that it is therefore unnecessary for an opposition party to participate in the presidential elections scheduled for next August. It should be recalled that the Electoral Commission has just announced that it will censor the advertising posters of opposition candidates.

FDU Inkingi appeals once again to President Paul Kagame and his entire RPF team to release all political prisoners and to open political space for all Rwandan citizens.

Done in London, on May 31, 2017.

For the FDU Inkingi

Justin Bahunga Commissioner for External Relations and Spokesperson

Contact: [email protected]