After the EU dropped the hammer, there is panic in the house

This statement came less than 6 hours after the Minister of foreign affairs made a similar statement ” condemning” NEC decision to stop presidential candidates from posting campaign material on social media without approval.

Interestingly, NEC announced this decision some weeks ago. No government official disassociated himself or herself from that primitive decision until the European Union – Rwanda’s major donor – came out officially to condemn NEC’s decision.

Clearly, after the EU dropped the hammer, there is panic in the house. Kagame has no choice but to listen to the EU otherwise the dollar tap will be turned off.

Forget the old arrogant Kagame; the guy has no money to run his extravagant junta. He needs EU money after they smoked him from DRC mines. Now that his sponsors, the Clintons, cannot strike deals for him to get money from the US gov. Reality has reduced Kagame to manageable size.

The next Kagame junta statement over this problem will probably come from NEC itself; saying that they NEVER issued such order.

In anycase, they are stuck with NEC’s decision. RURA is not in charge of, or above, NEC. Administratively, NEC’s decision stands. That’s Administrative Law. RURA is just like any other public institution in Rwanda. To the Extent NEC is not a department of RURA, RURA’s statement does not undo NEC’s statement.

The guys are too primitive; they run the country as if it were a group of rebels terrorising territory under their control.

Why don’t you explain to me where RURA gets the powers to undo NEC’s decision or act? Which law would RURA cite? Is RURA a Court of law with powers to quash administrative decisions?

Can a Minister’s personal view on social media quash another public institution, which is not even under that Minister’s Ministry ?

What are these junta fools doing? Are they familiar with Administrative Law ?

1. NEC issued the infamous order about three weeks ago. Rwandans were alarmed and Kagame junta did or said nothing

2. three weeks later, the European Union Ambassadors presented their join position against NEC’s order. The EU threatened Kagame junta with turning off the dollar tap

3. The Minister of Foreign affairs immediately went on tweeter to “distance” herself from NEC’s decision.

4. Around the same time the minister was on tweeter, RURA wrote an official Memo stating, categoricary, that NEC erred by assuming the powers they do not have.

5. On the same day, NEC announced that they never issued such order; they were ” misunderstood”. Kagame handpicks the members of NEC and NEC works under Kagame’s direct control.

Dr Charles Kambanda