Rwanda To Reject Foreign Aid

December 14, 2016, Kagame announced that a stunning intent: to end dependency on foreign aid. Kagame was addressing a two-day national dialogue attended by over 2,000 participants. His command was delivered in the following terms:

“Among the decisions of this Umushyikirano (national dialogue), we should resolve to set a deadline, which should come sooner rather than later, after which Rwanda will no longer be waiting for what others hand out to us.”

Kagame receives US$1 billion annually versus $900 million he takes in from domestic revenue.

But who forces Kagame to take foreign aid? And does foreign prevent development? Of course not. India receives US$3 billion in foreign aid. Yet it is growing so fast that it is now the world’s 7th largest economy with GDP of US$2 trillion.

David Himbara