Rwanda:Daughter of a pastor close to opposition arrested!

Security forces in Rwanda announce that they have arrested the daughter of a pastor considered to be close to the Rwandan opposition.

Jackie Umuhoza is now charged with treason. Authorities say his father, Pastor Deo Nyirigira, who lives in Uganda, is one of the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) leaders in Uganda, which Kigali considers as a terrorist organization.

Jacqueline Umuhoza was going to the hairdressing salon on Wednesday when she was arrested by the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB). This is not the first time she has been arrested. The first time the security forces released her after few days.

But this time, she was charged with treason, according to Marie-Michelle Umuhoza, the spokesperson of the RIB. “She was not kidnapped as people say. She was arrested. She is in custody, she is accused of treason. “

Authorities have already accused his father, Deo Nyirigira, a pastor of the Pentecostal Church Agape in Uganda, of supporting the Rwandan National Congress. Two other daughters of Deo Nyirigira who live in Kigali have been visited by security forces on Wednesday night.

According to a good source, about 20 RIB agents raided the home of Axelle Umutesi and Liliane Umutoni and seized their phones and computers.

The family of Jacqueline Umuhoza denied the accusations and said that they are fabricated.