Rwandan government in undermining security and regional economy with intentions to shine as the only safe and growing economy.

Rugema Kayumba,

By Rugema Kayumba

The scheme can be traced from 1997 to 2000 when assassinations were common on streets of Nairobi, bombs of Mombasa, Darassaram at Embassies of USA, and early warnings which were given by some intelligence services in the region.

Rwanda becomes a terrorist state from 2000 and in 2003 it was more institutional up to 2007/2010 when plans to make the region like congo was tabled and schemers for funds had got where to get cash from in name of regional security building.

Tripate treaties were signed between EAC community advanced by Kigali but it was a cover of Kigali terrorism cells to operate freely undermining regional security institutions.

Killings were excuted in Bujumbura, Kampala, Nairobi and even Tz in name of fighting terrorists by Kigali operatives to scare investors and tourists in the region.

2009/10 bombs and fire had not to stop in East African capitals but especially Kampala and Bujumbura that is how known world heritage Kasubu tombs of Buganda Kingdom were put on fire by goons of African Hitler to rise anger of Buganda against the regime.

Bombs were detonated in different parts of Kampala and in 2010 Ugandan police suppervised Rwandan attack on refugee camps of Nakivale and Kyaka2 where people who were forced back up to now none can be traced despite hundreds of refugees who were killed by bullets and stepping on the weak all that was done by Kigali to depict the region as unsafe for refugees more especially Uganda .

Kidnappings were done in Kenya of refugees accord‐ ing to Sweedish retired journalist who made research in Kenyan refugee camps especially Kakamega where Rwandan refugees changed identiies to Congolese or Burundian identities to escape assassins of dictator Kagame Paul..

Those were times when tourists were kidnapped from Bwindi forest of Uganda by genocide meritias who were commanded in Rwandan presidents office.

End of 1990 and early 2000 Dictator Kagame wanted to undermine peace efforts of old leaders of EAC and South African countries and AU and it happened to date all peace efforts were failed by Kigali dictator who has interests in conflicts where he gets contructs for peacekeepers.

Rwandan dictator openly became expansionist of the 21st century and was blessed by western powers and he gained the power of painting global streets with the blood of his enemies from north carp to south, east to west, the hand of Rwandan brutal man has become

to long to kill you to any point example Mj. Emanuel Munyaruguru was killed by Kigali and was living as far as Tromos in Norway, Col. Patrick Karegeya was strangled in Capetown in South Africa the list is long and police warnings are given to refugees in Australia and Washington DC.

Blood minerals of Congo flooded on western cities and blood dollars and Euros paid the world famous lobbyists.

Rwandan dictator was praised by USA and UK leaders as a promising leader of Africa yet they were aware of what he (dictator Kagame) was doing in Congo and his over gross human rights abuse at home including jailing his former hutu president P. Bizimungu.
Blood dollars from blood minerals of Congo was used to silence every voice of democracy , journalists were jailed as genociders, deniers or revisionists , some were killed and others were forced in exile, politicians were slaughtered openly example Rwisereka of green party .
Senior army officers including former army commander, chief intelligence officer, former minister of defence run to exile following number of politicians including former Prime minister, speaker of parliament and more other victims of the western darling (dictator President Kagame Paul).

Rwandan dictator has not only paid cash to change regimes in the region but he used even his team of assassins to force changes in region and that is how Kabira the father was killed, Nkurunziza of Burundi over throw was failed, Kikwete of Tz was threatened to be hit and he must be living in hide, Uganda assassinations of top leaders and attemp to the life of president failed more than three times.

What makes Rwandan dictator special to terrorise his people and region while the world is silent?

The dictator is taking advantage of 1994 genocide against Tutsi to threaten everybody who points finger at his brutal regime as genocider ,denier, revisionists or working with genociders.

Rising structures in Kigali out of Congo blood minerals and clean washed roads and watered gardens of Kigali city praised by lobbyists paid blood dollars from blood minerals has not only silenced the activists , they have even attempted to kill journalists like Jude Rever and some lost their jobs to keep safe African expansionist and known terrorist of the 21st century .

What is the region and international community up to?

International community seems to be a heavy suit which doesn’t fit Africa and our region in particular otherwise dictator President Kagame Paul could not be given any red carpet in western capitals but they preffer to give it to him due to his bravity to kill more of his fellow Africans and they get access to minerals. International community is in bed with criminal dictator of Rwanda whose forces and meritias has killed more than six millions of Rwandans, Burundians refugees, women, children and elders of Congo not even sparing to destroy infrastructures and taking minerals while UN is watching.

Six millions of Congolese people who are said in UN mapping report does not count though its a population bigger than of two if not four of the European countries in Nordics who supports the regime of dictator President Kagame Paul but they can’t question the brutality of African expansionist similar to Hitler when he had occupied their lands.

Burundi was sanctioned and dictator Kagame who was forcing blood regime change his killing machanarries are given more contracts to go for peace missions of UN yet have not paciefied with his opposition home, exile and regional countries.

Is international community a heavy suit which is not fit for us?

Yes it is !! In support of dictator Kagame who jailed lady Diane Rwigara and the mother for trying to challenge Hitler of Africa they demand Kabira not to stand yet the man who failed congo and killed people far more of the population of Norway and Denmark is free to go up to 2034!

European Union and all missions of Europe in region where Rwanda is they know how much the regime they finance has been killing refugees and nationals in Uganda but couldn’t brave to tell Ambassador of Rwanda in Uganda nor dictator president Kagame due to terror they keep with aid.

Why is international community not interested in regime change in Rwanda but having much interests in forced regime change in Uganda, Burundi and Congo following the role of Uganda in pacifying the region?

Answer is international community is a heavy suit which cant fit poor Africa.

After destroying Libya, Congo now Uganda is the next because Uganda tried to save Libya, Burundi and Kenya but now the sward of imperialist is in the hands of African Hitler dictator president Kagame.

Rwandair is using Libyian airline funds to fight with Ethiopian, Kenyan, Turkish and other airlines in region will blood minded owner of Rwandair/Kagameair manage to compete?

Our eyes and ears on the ground are showing us how blood-minded man of Kigali failed in horticulture export due to inconsistency in production, poor yield due to poor methods of farming and agriculture policy and it has created very terrible envy for Kenya, Uganda, Tz and Burundi whose products are all over European markets.

Meeting of business community in diaspora was called by minister of defence former chief of staff of Congo Gen. James Kabarebe and was telling them how their lobbist were asking them why they dont atleast bring 1000kgs of sweet peas if Rwandair/Kagameair cant get passangers?

Exportors were contacted in region to pass their cargo in Rwanda so that Kagameair can get customers indeed now a team of Rwandan intelligence who were living in Brussels and london were dispatched to Uganda to help in venture of helping Rwandair what to take on European market because kigali cant even produce eggplants beans which Rwandans love most now they are smuggled in Uganda to Rwanda for Kagameair to make atleast 1000kgs to take to UK and Brussels.

Is 1000kgs of sweet peas and eggplants smuggled from Uganda for Rwandair to be taken to EU market not another market bomb to burst any time in face of Kagameair/Rwandair?

Dear European concerned authoties what Rwandair is bringing to your market are not complying to traceability.

They are smuggled food staffs of Uganda and on top of that Ugandan government and exporters deserves to protect their products because anything can be added and sent as Ugandan products to spoil Ugandan image on EU markets.