Open letter to Your Excellence President of Republic of Uganda and Madame First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni. 

Your Excellence and Mother of the nation once more allow me to thank you and on behalf of my fellow refugees and Ugandans that you saved from General Kale Kayihura and his militias both in plain clothes and Ugandan police uniforms.

Your Excellence in rising our concerns one of us is no more and we are sure it was Kale Kayihuras goons who killed him and others are still not safe because their tormentors are free to kill more to silence us.

Your Excellence we kindly request you General Kale Kayihura to be prosecuted together with his criminal police officers who are court mertialed so that every body in Uganda can feel more accountable by the law.

Your Excellence we tried to petition Kayihura in parliament but the strong man failed us, we tried even to take him to court but every lawyer we approached were asking us security of which we didn’t have.

Dear our beloved President General Kale Kayihura has been stronger than laws and judicial apparatus of Uganda and no wonder some of his police criminals were calling themselves state and the public had lost hope in judicial system and police and our team decided to petition him and his fellow killers to ICC.

Your Excellence if you help Ugandans and foreigners who lost their beloved ones and properties into the hands of criminal police of Kayihura blessings will follow you generations to generations.

Your Excellence refugees of Rwandan origin in Uganda still have problem of two senior staffs in Rwandan high commission in Uganda who are still tormenting our fellows these are Col. James Burabyo and Ismail Baguma.

Those two mentioned officers are not serving diplomacy but terrorism implementers in Uganda your excellence these are the people responsible for all dispearances and killings of refugees in Uganda reported.

Your Excellence we don’t feel safe to come to Uganda neither encouraging friends to come to Uganda for vacations or investments when those people who killed tourists,investors,refugees and nationals are free to kill.

Your Excellence and mother of the Nation as parents of this greater nation we feel you will help victims by handing their victimizer kale Kayihura to justice and those two Rwandan diplomats playing terrorism replaced.

Yours faithfully,

Rugema Kayumba on behalf of crying souls.

Cc: Minister of Justice

Cc: Minister of internal affairs

Cc: European union Ambassador

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Cc: Norwegian Ambassador

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Cc:Rwandan Ambassador

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