Rwanda’s education system is totally deteriorating at unprecedented rate.

Under criminal Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s education system is totally deteriorating at unprecedented rate. There is total lack of support from the central government towards this crucial sector. Stakeholders are in no hurry to urgently address the current crisis to save the once vibrant sector from collapsing. Over the years, the education system has been a channel of corruption for the Kagames with international funds meant for this sector being re-directed to Kagame Family’s offshore accounts which are stack all over the world.

Important information from the ministry of education indicate that around 65% of the country’s teachers are attending lessons, a third of primary school pupils are reporting for classes and district education officers are totally ill equipped to run the education system due to lack of human capacity, training and personal inefficiencies.

Most government schools are operating below capacity, the sector is in apparent state of emergency. There are limited learning materials, constant political interferences, low salaries which arrive late. The rating of Rwanda’s Universities vis a vis other African stated is deplorable and acceptable. No country has ever developed without skilled human capital!!

At the moment, some teachers are still waiting for their salary arrears to be paid. For University lectures, the situation is worse, some haven’t been paid for the last 10 months, as noted by the Government’s mouth piece Igihe. Others are still waiting for their allowances for marking student’s exams and re-sits. Low morale has become a main feature of educational providers in Rwanda, especially within government schools and tertiary institutions.

Lack of sufficient resources has left the sector on the brink of collapsing. The education sector is facing immense challenges, the public financing of the sector continues to dwindle in real terms, school fees is soaring beyond the reach of many Rwandans, depletion of educators and low morale due to owing of teachers’ salaries have unravelled past successes in the sector.

For any national development, education remains the engine of long-term national prospects and development. It is critical that the sector is not left to collapse!!! But we all know where Criminal Paul Kagame’s priorities lies; i.e fincing his assassination projects rather than education.

Educators need enduring solutions on salaries and better working conditions should be enhanced within this sector. Robust monitoring visits should re-enforced and be beefed up by the district education inspectors, who also need training and support from the central government.

The current education system requires an urgent overhaul and action. And we shouldn’t expect this to happen under RPF’s criminal government, especially when you consider the opportunities squandered by this corrupt regime i.e enormous donor aid for the education sector which was given to the country between 1994 – 2012. For years, this ministry has been a basket of criminal Paul Kagame’s thieving and enrichment. The man doesn’t give a damn shit about the future generation, as long as his children are doing well.

# Say No To Political Criminals!!