Kagame Is Off To Mozambique To Lecture On How Rwanda Became One Of “The Best Economies In The World”

Mozambique can hardly wait for Kagame’s arrival. He will teach them how to build an economic lion. In his lecture, according to Club Mozambique, Kagame will show how the private sector turned Rwanda into one of “the world’s best economies.”

Let us hope that Kagame’s Mozambican hosts don’t visit the World Bank’s website and see how the real Rwanda is described. Of Rwanda’s private sector, the World Bank asserts the following:

“Going forward, the private sector, which is still largely informal, will have to play a bigger role in ensuring economic growth. Poor infrastructure and lack of access to electricity are some of the major constraints to private investment. As Rwanda’s investment relies a lot on foreign saving, stable inflows of foreign saving is critical to keep the current high investment rate at around 25 percent of GDP.

In addition, reducing the country dependency on foreign aid (30% to 40% of the budget) through domestic resource mobilization is critical. While Rwanda has been effectively using aid for development, the country remains vulnerable to fluctuations in aid flows.”

Kagame has no shame; he continues going around the world conning folks that he has built a real economy.


By Dr David Himbara