The FDU-Inkingi party is delighted to convey to the Rwandan people its warm congratulations on the occasion of the commemoration of the 59th anniversary of the political independence of Rwanda. It offers the Rwandan people an opportunity not only to celebrate this particularly important event in the history of our country, but also and above all to explore ways and means to put an end to the new colonisation of Rwandans by other Rwandans.

By asking for and obtaining independence on 1 July 1962, the Rwandan people had the ambition for freedom, self-determination and taking control of their destiny. Today, this independence remains a facade because it is not reflected in the daily lives of citizens. Indeed, Rwanda was internationally recognised as an autonomous and independent country, and this independence should have materialised by the full and complete enjoyment of civil and political rights by citizens. However, right now these rights and freedoms have been usurped by a small group in power, a group acting not in the interests of the people but rather for its own profit and for the benefit of foreign interests. Thus, a neo-colonialism by Rwandans has been put in place by a small group of national citizens whose power is supported, advised, and directed by external interest groups.

It is in this logic that the President of the Republic, Paul Kagame, is surrounded by foreign advisors, that the government vision and state of mind are inspired by a foreign-oriented vision, the primary concern being to give a good image abroad rather than pleasing citizens. Similarly, the regime’s army is sent on expeditions abroad to destabilise loot other African countries and to serve unclear external political interests.

The FDU-Inkingi political party considers that the priorities of a government in an independent country are to:

  • Work for the welfare of its citizens and not to satisfy foreign interests;
  •  Listen to the grievances of the citizens first before surrounding itself with a team of foreign advisors;
  • Invest in the country instead of syphoning national financial resources to tax havens or investing abroad;
  • Keep and maintain means of production in national hands instead of selling it to foreign investors;
  • Develop quality education and training in the country rather than opting for the training abroad of a small group from a selected political elite;
  • Ensure equal opportunity for all instead of treating a part of the population as second-class citizens;
  • Ensure that the security forces are effectively the guarantors of security and public order instead of becoming sources of insecurity, trauma, and grief.

These are the priorities that the FDU-Inkingi political party invites the RPF regime and President Paul Kagame to take up.

After 59 years of independence, it is sad to note that the destiny of Rwanda is in the hands of an RPF oligarchy that thinks only of itself and its sponsors, while the citizens are being marginalised, excluded from the decision-making process, prevented from competing for political and socio- economic management positions. Indeed, any attempt to denounce police violence, the violation of civil and political rights in Rwanda is meat with a campaign of hatred, intimidation, imprisonment, torture, assassination or enforced disappearance by the state apparatus. It is quite impossible for the people to enjoy their independence under these conditions.

The FDU-Inkingi political party urges Rwandans at home and abroad to mobilise themselves for a national consciousness to work together for a political change aimed at putting the citizen at the centre of government decisions.

It is by pooling together all our efforts that we will move forward together towards this goal for the betterment of everyone. It is on this condition that national independence will take on its true meaning in the lives of Rwandans.

The Rwandan people, held hostage by the RPF dictatorship, must wage their legitimate struggle to free themselves. The FDU-Inkingi political party remains at the forefront of this struggle.Long live the Rwandan people

Long live the independence of Rwanda

Done in London, on 1 July 2021

Justin Bahunga
President, FDU-Inkingi
Contacts: [email protected]: +44-7988-883-576