Strengthening Regional Tourism: A Unified Approach Led by South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, MARCH 1, 2024 – The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Business Council Tourism Alliance today spotlighted the crucial role of South Africa’s tourism leadership in driving regional growth and development. With the appointment of Nombulelo Guliwe as the CEO of the South African Tourism Board, the alliance underscores a pivotal moment for tourism across the Southern African region.

South Africa, renowned as a key aviation hub and gateway for multi-country itineraries in Southern Africa, stands at the forefront of regional tourism collaboration. The SADC Business Council Tourism Alliance, a coalition of apex private-sector tourism associations including the Tourism Business Council of South Africa, champions the integration of tourism development across member states.

Tshifhiwa Tshivenghwa, the Interim Chair of the SADC Business Council Tourism Alliance, emphasized the importance of a robust South African Tourism sector in leveraging the economic potential of the region. “Our collaborative efforts are essential in realizing the vast economic opportunities presented by Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) and in promoting inclusive growth and job creation across our member states,” Tshivenghwa stated.

The alliance highlights the significant economic impact of the tourism industry across SADC member states and the essential role of strategic collaboration in boosting the region’s tourism economy. The appointment of Guliwe is seen as a key step in enhancing regional cooperation, with a focus on joint marketing campaigns that highlight the diverse attractions of Southern Africa to both long-haul and intra-Africa travelers.

This collective approach aims not only to elevate South Africa’s position as a prime tourism destination but also to spotlight the entire SADC region as a top choice for travelers seeking multi-country experiences. The SADC Business Council Tourism Alliance is committed to supporting the new leadership of South African Tourism in achieving sustainable growth and establishing the region as a premier global tourism destination.

The alliance calls for continued partnership between national tourism boards and the private sector to maximize the visibility and appeal of the Southern African region. Through responsible tourism practices, investment promotion, and advocacy, the SADC Business Council Tourism Alliance endeavors to drive sustainable economic growth and ensure the benefits of tourism are shared across all member states.

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This announcement marks a significant stride towards enhancing tourism collaboration within the SADC region, promising a brighter future for its member states through the strategic leadership and vision of the South African Tourism Board and its new CEO, Nombulelo Guliwe.