Support for Idamange

Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne

Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne popularly known as Idamange is a Rwandan woman and a mother of four. forbesnews9 In recent times, she has been vocal about human rights abuses by the Rwandan government using her youtube channel. Her message reasonated well with the people but the government took exception to it. The government responded by  insulting, threatening, and harrassing her. When she refused to back down from her message, they kidnapped her minor son on Wednesday February 10, 2021.  This did not deter her. 

On February 15, 2021; she launched an appeal via YouTube for help. She stated that Rwandan authorities had tried to bribe her into silence. When they failed, they threatened her.  Soon after the video was released, she was arrested by Rwanda security forces as a countermeasure to her recent activities on social media on injustices committed in Rwanda.

This mother of four sacrificed her freedom and life to deliver a message of freedom and hope for all Rwandans. She sacrificed her family, and now the dictatorial regime in Rwanda is depriving four children of the love, protection and attention of their mother. 

This appeal is to request that you make a financial donation to support Idamange. Among her needs include lawyer fees for her legal battle. As a mother of four, her loved ones will also need our support to go through this difficult time.

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