Supporting killed journalist John Williams Ntwali’s cause

John Williams Ntwali

Our beloved Mr. John Williams Ntwali’s death was reported by the Rwandan Police on 19 January 2023.

His death was suspicious and mysterious that it choked many Rwandans across the globe, mainly the journalistic community.

According to the Rwandan Police, Mr. Ntwali was killed in what they call “ A motorcycle accident”, in the night of January 17th and claimed to have not identified him as he did not carry any identification card, ID, which delayed the police to announce John’s death for 48 hours.

No one could imagine how a well-known and professional journalist like Ntwali
could depart from his home without an ID card.

Mr. John Williams NTWALI was well known as an investigative journalist who reported on serious violations of human rights and rampant corruption cases. Most importantly, he dared to report on numerous political persecutions that are commonplace in Rwanda.

Before he died, Mr. Ntwali was arrested numerous times and received countless death threats because of his reportage” a voice of the voiceless “as he used to call it through his YouTube channel platform “Pax TV- “

A week before his death, he chatted with” a credible witness” on WhatsApp and revealed to him“ They, Rwandan secret agents “ may kill me at any time. I am receiving a lot of death threats because of my last time investigative broadcast ”.

Shockingly, John is the 17th media journalist to be assassinated in these atrocious conditions during the last three decades after the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

Please support this fundraising process to support Mr. Ntwali’s cause to keep his cause” voice of the voiceless “ alive.