The 2016 Auditor General’s Report Shows $115 Million Worth Of Delayed/Abandoned Projects And $18 Million Of Unused Assets

By Dr David Himbara

The Report of the Auditor General of State Finances for 2016 shows extraordinary incompetence by the Kagame regime. Let me summarize two aspects in the report – (1) abandoned/delayed projects, and (2) idle assets not being used.

Abandoned And Delayed Projects

First, look at the cost of delayed and abandoned developmental projects.

Some 99 projects valued at RWF95 billion or US$115 million were either delayed or abandoned.

So what are some of these projects that were delayed or abandoned?

  • At Ministry of Health, delayed contracts at include contract for renovations of Byumba hospital that had delayed for over 330 days; construction of maternity ward at Rutare Health Center delayed for 721 days;
  • At RTDA construction of access road to Rusizi III hydropower dam had delayed for over 700 days;
  • At Bugesera, a contract relating to construction of dyke in Migina marshland was abandoned after paying the contractor;
  • At Nyabihu district road construction projects were abandoned by the contractor;
  • At EWSA, contract for construction of water supply system and reservoir was delayed for 496 days;
  • At EDCL, contract relating to design, supply and installation of Ntendezi substation and extension of Bugarama substation was delayed by 298 days;
  • At RAB, contract for construction of central laboratory (phase I) at Rubirizi in Kicukiro District delayed by over 492 days;
  • At Gicumbi district for construction of Nyamiyaga Health Center delayed for 310 days;

Idle Assets Not Being Used

Now look at idle public assets not being by different levels of the Rwanda government.

Source: Auditor General’s 2016 Report

Some 92 idle assets valued at RWF15 billion or US$18 million are wasting away – not being used. Here are some examples:

  • University Teaching Hospital of Butare: CT scan and oxygen plant not functional;
  • RBC: Equipment purchased by RBC SPIU for medicine quality control laboratory are not yet in use after a long period of time;
  • Laboratory distributed to Bugeshi and Nyundo Health Centers were still idle;
  • WASAC: Two water treatment plants of 100m3/h capacity each installed at Cyondo in Nyagatare District were idle for one year;
  • EDCL: Water tanks used for Karisimbi geothermal drilling project were idle for 3 years;

Mr President, you and your regime should be ashamed of yourself.

What kind of government are you running? Of all the disasters listed above, the nonfunctional CT scan and oxygen is the most shocking. Chief, you don’t give a damn about the health of Rwandans.