The 64% women majority in Rwanda’s parliament lacks strong and great women

Woman street vendor being chased by Rwanda Police in Kigali City.

I am one of those who think women are far stronger and greater than men … They are able to accomplish what men can do, but men can’t accomplish everything women can do. Yeah, I mean it.

Okay, let me put it this way: I also love and admire women so much, of course because I love my mother. She was a courageous woman.

Moreover, how would we be celebrating and enjoying the atmosphere of Christmas, had not Mary, only herself and on her own, given birth to baby Jesus/Isa of Nazareth? My answer to that question is that a man would immediately die if he ever tried to carry a baby in his womb and give birth after nine months. You see!?

I have repeatedly observed the fact that women know how to acquire, assume and control responsibilities that a whole community is about to fail… What at the end becomes the triumph of the same community which in fact would have failed if there were no women.

In the specific case of Rwanda, the current government completely forgot its responsibilities and priorities but someone else invisible to many is fulfilling them. A woman.

A woman of a certain invisible power, a woman who is not heading a government institution, a woman who is not sitting in the parliament, a woman who doesn’t even have a formal employment but still refused to become a prostitute, a woman who doesn’t have a country, a refugee, a woman who is being tracked by the Rwandan Police day and night, a woman who is in prison…

Some recent events moved me, I only will list a few:

The Kigali street vendors (fund)raised an important amount of money for a very poor woman whose husband abandoned after giving birth to triplets.This man, unable to cope with the rapid growing family commitments and financial hardship, he left behind his home and disappeared.

This woman when she was wandering and panhandling in one of Kigali’s main bus park, the street vendors, majority women, had pity of her and fed the triplets with fruits before contributing US$ 200.

Another case that shocked me is Ingabire Hadidja’s when she was caught stealing nutritional milk supplements to feed her 5 children. She said she doesn’t have a job, she doesn’t have a husband. She is on her own, she resorted to stealing after failing to get any form of job. Yes, she doesn’t have a job because Kagame’s RPF failed to create jobs for Rwandans. She wished better to be sent to jail together with her 5 children… hoping they won’t starve in prison.

In a country like Rwanda, these women street vendors should be treated as VIPs. They put food on their family’s table, pay their children’s schooling, and health care. These women are now starting to take the responsibilities of the government. They are very well performing what the government failed to do. They should supersede the ones in the parliament.

This is exactly when the preponderance of women in a parliament only serve to advocate for a single man’s interest. The dictator who appointed them. Kagame in this very case.

This majority which does not merit to be appointed “Members of Parliament” has never spoken out to advocate for the protection of women like Ingabire Hadidja, Uwamahoro Theodosie, Mukatabaro Rose and many others whose voice need to be heard.

This Rwanda female parliament majority is a complete sham with intent to misle those who have not yet discovered Kagame’s RPF dictatorship.

Simply in current Kagame’s Rwanda, if you are a woman, you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned above, and if you are not, it is only that you are lucky and have been appointed to work in some public service or just come from a wealthier family that helps you to setup your private business…

A few days to 2017, I have a question: When will Rwandan women of all various walks of life benefit from their parliament majority?

Rwanda Briefing