The Best Korean Restaurants In Johor Bahru (Malaysia)

South Korea and the Korean peninsula are surrounded by water on three sides, but are connected to the Asian continent. This environment creates the uniqueness of Korean cuisine. Seafood plays a very important role along with vegetables and livestock. While Korean food has become more and more popular in other countries over time, there are already many Korean restaurants in the United States, Japan, China and other parts of the world.

As the number of people continues to grow, Korean food may become less exotic and more accessible to all. So here is what I have prepared for you to enter the world of Korean food!

1. Myung-Ga Korean BBQ Restaurant

You have a limited budget and still want to enjoy a Korean meal? Myung-Ga Korean restaurant will gladly serve authentic, mouth-watering Korean food at a reasonable price.

The Korean Barbecue is made with fresh Korean seasonings that marinate savory meats like deboned pork loin, pork loin, and beef sirloin. Their eye-catching side dishes and sauces are vibrant and colorful, which could help to ooze the deliciously charred meats with additional flavors.

  1. Golden Old Street

Golden Old Street Korean Restaurant is known for serving up delicious food to their customers. This restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Korean cuisines. It only serves homemade Korean food using authentic Korean spices and ingredients.

The dark grey restaurant surround with industrialism elements creates an inviting atmosphere for all diners.

Golden Old Street is great for gatherings with friends, family and to enjoy Korean food in Malaysia. You can also enjoy crypto gambling in Malaysia while enjoying your favourite food.

3. Palsaik Korean BBQ Sutera

The Malaysia Korean Barbeque offers delicious, spicy Korean cuisine. Their side dishes are also delicious and filling. There are many side options available, including soft tofu and braised eggs, fish cakes, soy beans sprouts, potato salad, pickled radish and kimchi. These side menus can be refilled on request.

The traditional Korean barbeque is known as ssam. Here, you can combine your favorite meals, such as kimchi, barbecued meats and sauces, and wrap them in lettuce or kale leaves. This dish can be enjoyed in one bite.

Warm lighting and a high ceiling give the restaurant a light, airy feel. The large sliding glass windows bring in the sun through the restaurant, creating natural light that is ideal for food photography.

They serve lunch and dinner in a casual setting. They have a friendly, efficient, and skilled staff that will bring you your meals and drinks, including exotic cocktails. We are certain that you won’t forget the quality of their food, whether it’s beef, pork or chicken, seafood, and vegetarian dishes.

4. Running Man Korea Restaurant

Running Man Korean Restaurant, located in Sutera Mall in Johor Bahru is a well-known Korean restaurant that serves traditional Korean cuisine in a traditional manner. Each meal is prepared from scratch and served on an individual basis. There would be no pre-prepared food.

They are known for serving delicious Korean Barbecue, and other Korean dishes.

Customers can also customize the spiciness of their Korean dishes, from mild to spicy. They also offer vegetable dishes like glass noodles, bean paste soup, glass noodles, rice cakes, Bi Bim Bop and steamed dumpling.

Rice Wine, So Mak Tower Beer and Baeksuju are all beverages. These wines are flavored with Ginseng. Pancakes can be made with Kimchi or seafood, as well as rice.

Barbecue options are delicious and can be customized to suit the tastes of each guest. You can try different options for your meal, which adds to the enjoyment of discovering what each person likes.

5. Shik Gaek Korean Family restaurant

Shik Gaek Korean Family Restaurant offers a variety of Korean dishes. You can try different combinations and get a taste of all the different cuisines. The food is affordable and reasonable, which makes it a great choice for large groups of friends or family.

The restaurant is spacious and clean with a minimalist design. They also offer cooking demonstrations on the spot, just like other Korean restaurants. Their staff will cook or grill your food right in front of your eyes on your table.

Their Barbecue Special and Kim Chi Stew are both delicious. Both dishes are not overly spiced or too spicy and could be recommended for those who prefer to eat clean.

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