The casino ruin theory

The casino ruin theory sounds extremely interesting. Intriguing. Exciting, even. But just what is it? It’s something that has helped many new casino players get the most out of their time in the casino, and it helps to stretch budgets out a lot further than you might think they normally would. So what is it? Find out more.

What Is The Casino Ruin Theory?

The casino ruin theory (also simply known as the ruin theory) is the concept of managing a bankroll, and knowing which wagers to place according to that bankroll. This means that players can maximise their wins and have a longer gaming time – it will prevent over-betting and therefore means that players are no longer at a disadvantage because they won’t use their money up so quickly. 

Using the Casino Ruin Theory

So just how can you use the casino ruin theory to your advantage and put it into action? It’s all very well saying that it’s about managing your money better, but how do you go about doing that? Here is the breakdown of what to do. 

Choosing A Game

The best thing you can do when implementing the casino ruin theory is to pick a game that you already know very well and that you like playing. If there is a game you like the look of but you’ve never played it before, try to use the demo mode (if there is one) to get to grips with what you are meant to do before you start paying money. When you feel confident that you truly understand what you are meant to do, you can start implementing the theory. 

Managing Your Bankroll

The first important part of managing your bankroll is to pick an amount of money that, should you lose it, wouldn’t put you in any financial difficulties. Don’t calculate this amount assuming you’re going to win your money back, and certainly don’t calculate it on the assumption that you are going to make more than you put in. Calculate it as though you are going to lose it all. Any wins will be a bonus. You might even want to specifically cap the amount you can use on any online casino – this will help you stay in control, especially if you know that you can get carried away. 

Position Your Bets

Use minimal bets on the first few games you play (unless you’re playing poker and you’ve got an excellent hand, of course – this is why it is so important to understand the game you are playing because you would need to know that you had a good hand in order to bet more). 

For the most part, starting with smaller bets will help you to get into ‘the swing’ of playing and gambling. The larger the bets you place, the less time you will have to play because your bankroll will run out much sooner (as always, you should work on the presumption that you will lose your money as this will help you when it comes to making decisions). For example, if you place a large bet – using all of your money – on the first game, you’ll be finished in seconds. Place many smaller bets and you’ll be able to play many times over. 

Time Management

The last part of the casino ruin theory is your time management. Try to ensure your bankroll is going to cover the amount of time you have to spend at the casino. If you have more money than time, don’t be tempted to go all in just before you have to leave – the best option is to save that money for the next time you play.