When to tip the casino dealer?

As you will know from eating out at restaurants and a variety of other things, tipping is something that is often expected of people, but is also often shrouded in mystery somewhat. How much do I tip? When do I tip? How do I tip? These are all questions that can run through our heads at the best of times, and it can often be difficult to get them right. 

One thing that many first time casino gamblers may not actually know is that it is also customary to tip the casino dealer when you are playing game such as roulette. It is very important to get this right, because if you do not you could end up appearing to be rather rude, or it could even swing the other day and the casino could think you are trying to bribe their dealers! Let’s take a look at when to tip the casino dealer – learn more.

Which country are you playing in? 

First things first: it is important to consider where in the world you are casino gambling, because different countries have different etiquette when it comes to tipping the casino dealers. For instance, if you are gambling in Las Vegas or anywhere in the US it is absolutely necessary to tip the dealers, but most places in Europe will not expect you too (apart from hot spots such as London or Monte Carlo). 

You really do need to remember this too, because trying to tip a dealer somewhere where it is not the custom can result in some suspicious eyes being cast in your direction. At the same time, if you fail to tip in a casino where it is the norm you aren’t exactly going to win over the dealers, are you?

Tipping at the end of the game 

In the places where tipping is the custom you also need to know when to tip the casino dealers, as we’re not sure many fellow gamblers will be very happy if you started tipping the dealer at random and annoying times. Generally speaking you must wait until the end of a game or hand before subtly pushing a chip or two in the dealer’s direction, although this can vary from game to game. 

In the vast majority of cases dealers will expect the tip at the end of a game, so just wait until then and don’t forget to follow through on the tip. 

Placing a bet on the dealer’s behalf 

Being a dealer can be quite tedious and a bit of a tease, especially if you like gambling but are unable to get in on the fun. This is why some casino gamblers end up placing a bet on the dealer’s behalf instead of tipping them outright – it is a lot more fun for both parties like using https://zondercrukscasino.com/. 

Things to be aware of when tipping casino dealers 

Tipping the casino dealer is generally an act of kindness and won’t result in any negative consequences, however if the casino even so much as thinks that you might be trying to bribe the dealer things can get slightly messy.