Based on wishes and requests of members of P.S-Imberakuri, on 16 February 2015 the party made the following decisions:

The party analyzed the actual problems faced by P.S IMBERAKURI and its adherents (members) especially after a coalition treaty made with FDLR (Forces Democratique pour la Liberation du Rwanda ) to form FCLR-Ubumwe (Front Commun pour la Liberation du Rwanda). The party members are daily tormented to the extent the regime has increased the obstruction of political space for them, and most of them are cruelly treated; kidnapped, hunt down and even killed. These have been the main cause for some members to flee the country; some run away into Democratic Republic of Congo; here we can note Mr. Alexis BAKUNZIBAKE, first Vice-President and some fled somewhere else around the world.

After PS-Imberakuri party’s observation of this persecution against its members who are in Rwanda because of party’s alliance with other opposition political parties striving for change in country, the general conference decided to reshuffle party’s leadership in the following manner;

The management committee of the party PS-IMBERAKURI are:

1. President : Mr. Alexis BAKUNZIBAKE

2. Deputy President: Mrs. UWIZEYE KANSIIME Immaculée

3. Executive Secretary: Mr. MUSHIMIYIMANA Michel

4. Treasurer and mobilizer: Mr. KAKI Hassan Orange

5. Secretary in charge of gender and youth: Mr. SINDAYIHEBA Aaron

The provisional coordinating committee of the party PS-Imberakuri in Europe are:

1. Coordinator : Mr. Augustin KARENGERA

2. Deputy coordinator: Mr. Justin HAKIZIMANA

3. Secretary : Mr. Jean Pierre SHUMBUSHO

4. Treasurer: Mr. Narcisse  MUGANAMBUGA

5. Mobilizer : Mr. Abel MUGISHA

6. Secretary in charge of women: Mrs. IZABAYO Charlotte

7. Adviser : Mr. Jean Damascene MUSHIMIYIMANA

The provisional coordinating committee of the party PS-Imberakuri in Africa are:

1.Coordinator : Dr. Pacis HABINEZA

2. Deputy Coordinator: Mr. MUGEMANTWARI Moses

3. Secretary: Bwana BUTARE Sam Willy

4.Treasurer: Dr. MUGANGA Jean Damascene

5.Mobilizer: Mr. Arstide Bizimungu

6. Secretary in charge of women: Mrs. IRADUKUNDA Cynthia Joselyne

7. Secretary in charge of information and Communication: Mr. Bert NKUSI

8. Legal advisor and coordinator of East Africa: Mr. Alain Luc NTWARI

9. Secretary in charge of youth: Mr. Eugene HIRWA GAKUBA

As enunciated above, doing politics in Rwanda has become a nightmare especially when it comes to the coalition treaty signed with FDLR to form FCLR-Ubumwe striving for the liberation of Rwandans. After this historic political change, that is when RPF regime extremely exposed its fear of FCLR-Ubumwe and intensified its persecution, killing, incarceration and hunting down of anyone suspected of being Imberakuri (members of PS-Imberakuri) or Indatsimburwa (members of FCLR-Ubumwe) as anyone has seen RPF regime killing Rwandans and throwing bodies in rivers, incinerating them and kidnapping them and many more worse it continues doing.

Because of acts of terrorism against people wanting change of liberating Rwandans from the criminal dictatorship of RPF, some politicians separated themselves with the coalition treaty for liberating Rwandans and chose unidentified political line. After a long time of request by Imberakuri and Indatsimburwa demanding a continued determination to liberate Rwandans because the RPF criminal regime has never stopped killing people, and after numerous meetings on all level of Ps-Imberakuri, now the party comes to respond to all its members’ wishes and completely put an end to any kind of perplexity regarding PS-Imberakuri political alliance treaties signed with other political parties.

The party P.S-Imberakuri emphasized the following:

  1. The party appreciated all Imberakuri who are around the world especially the ones in the Rwanda and in dense forests of Democratic Republic of Congo (in different localities of FDLR) for their contribution to seeking whatever can bring back peace for Rwandans.
  1. The party appreciated the alliance and daily cooperation between P.S-Imberakuri and FDLR, and wished FDLR peace and good luck in its continued process of disarmament in order to seek sustainable peace in the region.
  1. The party reiterated that the alliance made with other political parties is still tight and that P.S-Imberakuri will keep cooperating with them, and other political parties opposing the RPF regime in a focused love and mutual respect.
  1. The party strongly condemned the ongoing persecution against members of PS-Imberakuri, Indatsimburwa and other opposition political parties in general where the regime continues to deprive them their human rights by kidnapping them, oppressing them, and imprisoning them with the only crime; to have joined the opposition political parties.
  1. Last but not least, the party PS-Imberakuri strongly condemned the ongoing genocide against Hutu refugees in the forests of DR Congo where the RPF regime army in criminal and genocide conspiracy with the FARDC are massacring these abandoned Hutu refugees by International Community. The International Community knows that what is going on is genocide crimes and extreme human rights abuses against these Hutu refugees, that is why we reiterate our call to not keep as if they are blind but act accordingly to stop it and bring to book all perpetrators involved.

Done on 10th March 2015


President of P.S.IMBERAKURI

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